Alfred Gough talks about the future

iF: Recently in Paris, you said that Tom Welling has been signed with the show through an 8th season – does this mean the show itself has been renewed for that long? And will it definitely be back next year?

GOUGH: We'll officially find out about season 7 on May 17th [during the CW upfronts], but obviously we feel very confident we'll be back. As for season 8, who knows? There are a lot of factors that will play into that decision, not the least of which is the quality of season 7, so that is what we are focusing on at the moment. If there is an 8th season, that would be the show's last. Every hero may have a beginning, but every story has an end.

iF: Since Michael Rosenbaum’s contract ends up next year, what would happen if the show went on for an 8th season – could the show go on without a Lex Luthor, and how?

GOUGH: Quite honestly, I don't want to speculate on that, only to say if there is an 8th season, we hope Michael will be a part of it in some capacity, but if he chooses not to, the show will go on.

iF: Reportedly, Justin Hartley [the Green Arrow] won’t be back next year – have we seen the last of the archer in the green hoodie? And what about the proto-JLA?

GOUGH: I don't believe you've seen the last of Ollie, or some of his friends. Who knows, when you see him again, he may have more!

iF: There’s been less and less of Lois Lane [Erica Durance] this season since Oliver Queen went off to pursue his JLA activities full-time – are there plans to make her more integral next season?

GOUGH: Absolutely, part of that was because after the Green Arrow run, Erica went off to shoot a movie, but I think you'll see that she will play an integral part in the season finale, and next year we will really start to see the Lois we all know and love.

iF: It was revealed this season that Chloe is herself a "meteor freak", but as yet, apart from her mother’s ability to control her in "Progeny," her abilities have yet to manifest themselves. Why was the decision made to do this, and will her powers be revealed this season, as has been rumored?

GOUGH: The idea that Chloe had a power was always something in the back of our minds, but we didn't want it to be a cheap trick, we wanted the audience to be invested in the character and her relationship with Clark, and if we were going to do it, it was to deepen the character, which we think it does, and will allow us to keep exploring Chloe in season 7. You'll see her power first manifest in the season finale.

iF: Speaking of "Progeny" -- Lynda Carter is Chloe’s mom! How did you manage that?

GOUGH: Lynda was always on our wish list of actors to have on the show. We approached her a couple of times for other episodes, but she was always holding out for a juicier role that played into the show's mythology, so when Chloe's mom came along, she was our first call, and thankfully she said yes.

iF: A few weeks ago, E! Online reported that there would be a death in the season finale. Is this for real, or can you tell us?

GOUGH: Maybe more than one!

iF: What made you decide to produce an episode like "Noir" at this point in the series, and especially so close to the finale? Isn’t it a bit risky to do something as unusual as this?

GOUGH: It is always a risk, and no matter what the fans thought of it, I do believe it was well executed. We had a lot of pipe to lay for the last two episodes of the season, and this was a fancy way to wrap it up in a different box!

iF: What teasers can you give us for the upcoming year – or two?

GOUGH: New Characters, new relationships, and more mythology.

iF: Will there be any other D.C. characters planned for the next season?

GOUGH: Absolutely, stay tuned for an announcement in the late summer.

iF: Do you have a theme mapped out for Season 7 yet?

GOUGH: We just literally started with the writers on Friday, a lot of themes are emerging, so it is still too early to stamp one on the season.



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