Chloe Can Come back To life?

Question: Is Chloe's power on Smallville that she can die and come back to life — hence the "death" you alluded to in the season finale?— Beatty
Ausiello: You're getting warmer.

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  1. I think Chloe can actually bring other people back to life. if you watch the ausiello vodcast, thast the hint.

  2. its obvious that her power is to heal, not necesarilly bring people back to life but at least heal them, the spoilers say that lois will get stabbed or something and then chloes power will be activated so its pretty obvious what it is, plus ausiello hinted linderman in his vodcast

  3. I reckon Clark dies and she brings him back.

  4. I should add that she probably dies doing this as it stakes to much energy or something


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