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Episode 7.04: Cure

Jimmy sells concert tickets to a co-worker. Kara is at the Daily Planet looking for Lois but she isn't there because the new editor sent her to the "City of Angels" to work on a story. Kara wants to look at footage Lois took from inside a silo; rumor has it, it's footage of a spaceship. When Kara is there, Jimmy beams, hoping that something may develop between the two. He tries to connect with her by saying he too is an ET fan. Later, Chloe is hurt when she sees Jimmy and Kara together. In a scene where Lex and Knox face off, the latter reveals that he endured a lot (arrows, blades, etc.) and tells Lex a nine millimeter doesn't scare him. Knox warns Lex that he should have never threatened him. Lex ends up at the hospital, unconscious. Clark visits him.

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Dean Cain cast as Dr. Curtis Knox

Former Superman Dean Cain has been cast as Dr. Curtis Knox. The possibly-villainous Dr. Knox has a special talent - he can "cure" someone from being a "meteor freak," forever changing their lives and rehabilitating them. This news, of course, is of special interest to Chloe. But Dr. Knox may have yet another secret which may mean his deeds aren't necessarily that good. Dr. Knox is working for or with Lex Luthor, so expect some scenes between Dean and Michael Rosenbaum. He might also tie into the over-arcing Level 33.1 story. John Jones, the Martian Manhunter, is in this episode. John Glover, Erica Durance, and Michael Cassidy do not appear in this episode.

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Comic-Con 2007

After seeing the "Superbad" kids in the green room, I decided to ditch their panel and check out the Smallville one instead. I'm glad I did. I seriously thought I was on my own for the most part in my devotion to this show. Turns out I was wrong. Their is a definite legion out there. The seventh season preview revealed:

* Chloe (Allison Mack) is shown in surgery before a nurse pronounces her dead (a later scene shows a short-haired blonde snapping up from her bed in what looked like a morgue, so I'm guessing she's back. Plus, the new Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort, said she has had a chance to meet several cast members, including Mack).
* Speaking of, Supergirl will appear this season as Clark's cousin. She apparently crashed onto Earth with the original meteor shower, but she fell in the river. She's set free when the dam breaks (shown in last season's finale). Originally older than Clark, she's been frozen in time in the meteor, so Clark is …

Episode 3 is called Fierce

We've just learnt that Episode 3 will be called Fierce.

Dean Cain coming to Smallville?

[During a TCA press session, Dean] Cain revealed his in talks with Smallville producers to play a role on the show.
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The CW has found its Supergirl

Laura Vandervoort has been cast as Clark Kent's cousin Kara, aka Supergirl, on the CW's "Smallville." She'll begin lensing next week opposite series star Tom Welling.

The Canadian actress's best known credits include the N's "Instant Star" and episodes of "C.S.I" and "Doc." Earlier this year, she appeared in the Miramax feature "The Lookout."

Episode 7.02: Kara

Kara expects "Kal-El" to be a baby upon her arrival. She first looks for him in the nursery at the hospital; later, she thinks little boys at a playground may be Kal-El. After about two seasons of very little interaction, we finally get a scene between Chloe and Lex. Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy) and John Glover (Lionel) do not appear in this episode. Roles currently being cast for the episode include a scientist, an investigator, a boy named Cody, a "Black Suit," a Doctor, Dennis King, and two punks.

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Bizarro - Episode Info

Clark Kent's cousin from Krypton is a Canuck. 22-year-old Laura Vandervoort (Instand Star) has been cast in the plum role of Smallville's Kara aka Supergirl. This superstrong - and airborne! - newcomer may prove to be a super pain to her kin, however. "We've wanted a character to shake things up," series creator Al Gough tells People. "She may be Clark Kent's cousin, but that doesn't mean she's going to be the obedient one!"

E! says that a female body is in the morgue. [It] is Chloe, but that "she is not dead." "Actually it's Clark who saves her. After being informed by the nurse that Chloe has been moved to the morgue, he hears her screaming and uses his supervision to scan the body drawers, where he sees her thrashing around."

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Latest from Kristin

Jake from Milwaukee: Smallville, please?
A female's body is brought to the morgue in the premiere and don't forget there was more than one main female death in the finale.

Thomas from Westwood, California: Any Smallville scoop?
As previously reported in the June 25 chat, Jimmy Olsen is no longer in the season premiere.

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Michael Cassidy as love interest for Lois

Sources confirm that Michael Cassidy (Hidden Palms, The O.C.) has scored the top job, replacing Carrie Fisher's barely visible Pauline Kahn. Cassidy will appear in at least six episodes and, as I reported in early June, his character is being groomed as a love interest for Lois Lane.
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Season 7 Premier details and Cast news

Martian Manhunter, John Jones, will appear in the Season 7 Premier called Bizzaro.

Kristin Kreuk is still in contract negotiations with the show. It is possible she does not come back.
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mallville - Season 6 hits Blu-ray & HD DVD in September

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We started getting emais asking about HD releases almost immediately after we posted news that Smallville season 6 would be released on September 18. Now we have some exclusive info from Warner Bros - they'll release season 6 on Blu-ray and HD DVD on September 18, the same day as the DVD.

Both sets retail for $79.98, and contain the same content:

* Green Arrow: The Legend of the Emerald Archer
* Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom
* Smallville Big Fans
* Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
* The Making of Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
* Deleted Scenes

Both sets will contain 1080p video (1.78:1), with the Blu-ray release sporting a Dolby Digital 5.1 track, and the HD DVD release containing a Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio track. Blu-ray flexes its additional capacity on this set; the Blu-ray release is 4 discs while HD DVD is 5. Here's a look at the artwork:

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