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More Casting News

Instead of superheroes, Smallville's latest casting comes from the world of super models. In this season's third episode, Eva Marcille Pigford - winner of the third cycle of America's Next Top Model - will guest-star as Tyler, a villainous beauty queen with a superpower. Pigford's alter ego shows up for the 100th annual Harvest Festival, where her competition in the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant will include new cast member Kara, aka Supergirl.

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Episode 5 will be called "Action"

Casting News

Jovanna Huguet has been cast as Sasha Woodman, confirming that Shonda Farr is not returning.
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Lastest from Kristin

Amelia in New Mexico: Give us more on the Smallville clonage!
The misdirection you all think you've identified in the finale is not the death misdirection to look for. And we can eliminate Antarctica and South America as Lana landing zones...

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Lana's Fate Revealed

Lara VandervoortSmallville's seventh season will be opening with conflicts a plenty. As you well know, Clark's (Tom Welling) cousin Kara aka Supergirl, will be appearing on the scene to bring a visual and dramatic angle to the scene, but will her presence rile another Smallville favorite? Surprising grudged from the past will play a pivotal role in the season premiere and beyond.

Fresh on the tail of scoring a resounding hit with Smallville fans at Comic Con, Lara Vandervoort will be bringing some not so copasetic vibes to the small screen when she debuts as Supergirl in the upcoming season. It seems Kara has crossed paths with the Martian Manhunter before, and they didn't part on good terms. What the depth of the feud will be nobody knows. Did he call her chubby? Did she mock his acne scars? The source of the dispute, and just how long it will impact the show remains to be seen.

The one piece of news many Smallville fans are hoping to hear about is the fate of Lana …


Question: Do you have any news about Lana from Smallville? Is Kristin Kreuk coming back?— Scott

Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Prepare to not be surprised: Yes, I can confirm that she's coming back. But in order to maintain some air of mystery, I won't be revealing the following things about her return: 1) how she'll be brought back, 2) whether she'll be playing Lana, or 3) how long she'll be sticking around for.

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E!Online Spoilers

James from Chicago: Any scoop on Supergirl from Smallville?
Kara, aka Supergirl, and the Martian Manhunter are both aware of each other from the past and they, to say the least, are anything but friends.

Sam from Walnut Creek, California: Smallville?
Sources tell me there is a showdown between Kara and someone very close to Clark's heart.

Rose in Seguin, Texas: What is Lana's future on Smallville?
See item immediately above.

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Episode 6 - Lara

We've just learnt that Episode 6 will be called "Lara" in which we will also meet Zor-El, Kara's father.
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Helen Slater joins Cast

Former "Supergirl" star Helen Slater has signed on to appear on the CW's reworking of the Superman saga. Slater will play the aunt of "Smallville's" recently cast Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort).

Slater will appear in the sixth episode of the upcoming season, two weeks after ex-Superman Dean Cain ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman") is scheduled to appear.

Slater has recently done guest gigs on "Crossing Jordan," "Grey's Anatomy" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

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Episode 7.04: Cure

Chloe is reunited with Sasha Woodman, the meteor freak from the first season episode "Drone." Sasha claims she is cured from her meteor-induced craziness. Want to know Knox's secret? He's lived for thousands of years.

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Ask Ausiello

Question: Having to wait until Aug. 1 for a new Ask Ausiello is cruel, but I'll forgive you if you promise me there will be no Lex-Lois romance on Smallville.— Jeff

Ausiello: Um, ewww. Between the new "Daily Planet" editor and the return of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Lois' dance card will be plenty full this season. Meanwhile, the big news out of Comic-Con was the announcement that Dean Cain will be guest-starring in Episode 4 as a villain. Also, the Season 7 clips that were shown at the panel apparently confirm that Chloe is very much alive.

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