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Episode 7.08 - Blue

One-time Supergirl Helen Slater returns for her second appearance as Lara in this episode.

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Vandervoort, Durance Interviews with CW

Here are the first parts of a couple of interviews of Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl) and Erica Durance (Lois) had with CW Source.

Kara - Promo

Episode 7.03 - Fierce

Kara desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control. Despite his warnings, when the "Miss Sweet Corn" beauty pageant comes around, Kara signs up and meets the competition - Tyler (Eva Marcille), Carly (Elisa King) and Tempest (Christine Chatelain) - three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule. After Tyler witnesses Kara using her powers, the girls pretend to be her friends, but are really planning to use her for their devious plan. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star.

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James Marsters Returning to Smallville

Just a little giddy good news to help ring in the new season of Smallville, which starts tomorrow night.

Reliable insiders tell me—and the CW confirms—that James Marsters (swoon, Buffy's Spike) is returning for four episodes of the superseries during the new season.

We last saw Marsters's character, Dr. Milton Fine (aka Brainiac), in Smallville's fifth season finale.

While it's unclear exactly how James is returning, I can tell you he's reprising the exact same character, he's returning to set very soon and his episodes begin airing in January. He also appears on CBS' Without a Trace this season.

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Episode 7.03 - Fierce

Clark hopes Kara will keep a low profile, but three meteor-infected girls want to use her as part of their scheme after one of them sees Kara's special powers. Tyler: Eva Marcille. Carly: Elisa King. Tempest: Christine Chatelain.

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Ask Ausiello

Question: I've heard rumors that Clark and Chloe will share a lip-lock early on in the season on Smallville. True or false? — Meg

Ausiello: It's true… about the rumors, anyway. Unfortunately, exec producer Al Gough isn't confirming or denying 'em. He did, however, tell my colleague Damian Holbrook that "Lois is going to get a job at the 'Planet,' which puts her in contention with Chloe." Gough also spilled some super-scoop on this season's Clana reunion: "She knows the secret, all the cards are on the table, so we're going to play their relationship honestly. But now that she's been married to Lex and that relationship has scarred her, the question becomes, 'What sort of secrets is she bringing to the relationship?' You will definitely see some reversals. You'll definitely see a darker Lana."

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New Supergirl promo

During this week's edition of WWE Smackdown! on The CW, the network premiered an all-Supergirl promo for this new season of Smallville.

Episode 7.02: Kara

Clark meets his cousin Kara (Laura Vandervoort), but decides that there is nothing for him in Smallville without Lana, so he heads to the Fortress of Solitude to begin training as a superhero. Once there, Jor-El tells him Kara's father is evil and she is dangerous, so Clark must return to Smallville.

Airs: 4th October 2007

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Episode 7.08 - Blue

One of the high-profile guest stars that has already been announced for Season Seven makes a return appearance in this episode. Clark encounters a new color of kryptonite in this episode.

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Episode 7.04 - Cure

When Dean Cain shows up later this season, he'll be sharing scenes with Lex, Clark and Chloe.

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Episode 7.01 - Bizzaro

At the end of the season premiere, Lana will take a page from Sydney Bristow's spy manual.

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Cast Promo and Signings

Episode 7.01 - Bizarro

As the seventh season begins, Clark faces his most deadly enemy---his Bizarro doppelganger---after Lex's secret lab at Reeves dam is destroyed; Lex is saved from drowning by a mysterious female savior, but his past catches up with him. John Jones: Phil Morris.

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New Season 7 Trailer

Ausiello on Bizarrio

Question: Do you hate Smallville, is that why you're ignoring the show? Or do you hate me? — Meredith

Ausiello: If those are my only two choices I'm gonna have to go with hating you. Now simmer yourself before I slap the hysterical out of you, 'cause I've got some major Smallville prattle. My super-moles just dropped a treasure trove of intel related to the Sept. 27 season premiere on my desk, and here are the highlights:

* By the middle of the premiere, one woman will be officially pronounced dead.

* Lex will find himself in a watery situation that harkens back to the original pilot... only this time, it's another alien saving his life.

* Those folks who hated Jimmy will be happy to see that he grows a major spine and sucker-punches a certain Young Man of Steel.

* Bizarro Clark will get his hands on Lois... and she'll kind of like it.

* Expect massive effects after a dam burst brings out Clark's, um, hottest power.

* By the end of the episode, the new girl in to…

Episode 7.01: Bizzaro

Clark confronts Bizarro, the last wraith from the Phantom Zone, and the ensuing fight causes the dam to break and a torrent of water rushes towards the land. Lex, having just been arrested for Lana's murder, is submerged under water in a patrol car, but is saved by a mysterious young woman. Lois manages to pull Chloe to safety but her cousin is pronounced dead at the hospital. The same woman who saved Lex reappears at the Kent farm and is revealed to be Kara Kent AKA Supergirl, Clark's cousin from Krypton. Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star.

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Season 7 Teaser

2 New Kara Images

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Kara In Action

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