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Question: I've heard rumors that Clark and Chloe will share a lip-lock early on in the season on Smallville. True or false? — Meg

Ausiello: It's true… about the rumors, anyway. Unfortunately, exec producer Al Gough isn't confirming or denying 'em. He did, however, tell my colleague Damian Holbrook that "Lois is going to get a job at the 'Planet,' which puts her in contention with Chloe." Gough also spilled some super-scoop on this season's Clana reunion: "She knows the secret, all the cards are on the table, so we're going to play their relationship honestly. But now that she's been married to Lex and that relationship has scarred her, the question becomes, 'What sort of secrets is she bringing to the relationship?' You will definitely see some reversals. You'll definitely see a darker Lana."

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  1. Lana is still alive? That character should have been killed off years ago.


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