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Episode 7.13 (Hero): Features "Special Guest" Character

This new "Special Guest" Character will save Lara and Jimmy's lives and be considered a "Hero". No word on who will be cast for this character yet.

Although the writers’ strike has caused quite an inconvenience for viewers, fans of The CW’s Smallville have a lot to look forward to next year. For one, a forthcoming episode will feature a special guest character who gives Clark (Tom Welling) a run for his money.

The episode, the 13th in the current season, is scheduled to air towards the end of February. For those who want to know more about the episode, read on for spoilers.

According to Kryptonsite, Smallville’s special guest character for 13th episode will not only be male, but will also be deemed a “hero” after he, and not Clark, ends up saving the lives of Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore).

The site also claims that the guest character first exhibits power in the episode through a Kryptonite plot device. Jimmy shows interest in the person’s …

Episode 7.14 - Traveler

Thanks to SAM for the following.

Taveller is about Patricia Swann, daughter of Dr. Swann and a childhood friend of Lex's. Swann and Lionel were part of a group who were waiting for the arrival of an extra-terrestrial "traveler". Patricia wants to stay in touch with Clark because she believes he can do good for the world.
- Another character currently being cast is "Pierce," who fears aliens, and kidnaps Clark and keeps him in a specially built prison.

Episode 7.09 - Gemini

CHLOE REVEALS TO JIMMY THAT SHE IS A METEOR FREAK — Clark (Tom Welling) returns to Smallville from the Fortress and tells Lana (Kristin Kreuk) that Kara (Laura Vandervoort) is gone. Clark tells Lana they should team up to being Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) down, so she gives him all the information she’s gathered so far, including a report on a man named Adrian (guest star Tim Guinee), who was infected with an alien substance. Adrian secretly plants a bomb on Chloe (Allison Mack) and tells Lois (Erica Durance) if she doesn’t get Lex to admit the truth about his experiments with 33.1, he will detonate the bomb. Chloe, thinking she is about to die, confesses to Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) that she is a meteor freak. John Glover also stars. Whitney Ransick directed the episode written by Caroline Dries.

Source: CW

Laura Vandervoort on Wizard World Texas

Go to Comics Continuum and see some photos of her on the event.


More reports are arriving from Wizard World Texas this time a small one courtesy of Blog Newsrama about Laura's panel. Click HERE to read it.

And on YouTube was posted a interview with her at the event. Be careful the video may contain spoilers.

Watch it: Laura Vandervoort on Wizard World Texas.

UPDATE: 11/19/07

Thanks to Comics Continuum we have now the highlights of Laura's Panel on Wizard World Texas.

Read about it: HERE

Episode 7.15 - Veritas

Lois and Jimmy work together on a story.
- In addition to Brainiac, another villain from Smallville's past might be back in this one.
- Chloe and Lionel have a confrontation about his true motivations.

Airs: 21st February 2008

Source: Kryptonsite

Episode 7.09 - Gemini

How and why Julian has managed to still be alive is revealed in this episode. His survival has ties to "Project: Gemini." Clark goes away for a few weeks, and has to explain where he and Kara have been.

Airs: 13th December 2007

Source: KryptonSite

Interview with Helen Slater

Episode 7.08 - Blue - Sprint Promos

Blue: Director's Cut

Episode 7.14 - Traveler

Thanks to Kryptonsite for the info.

Expect episodes #7-14 & #7-15 to explore some long-standing elements and arcs in the overall Smallville mythology. Things that happened in past seasons will finally come together, in a storyline heavily involving Clark as well as the Luthors.

Airs: 14th Feb 2008

Episode 8 -- Blue Extended Promo

Episode 8 -- Blue Preview

Smallville Ready to Fly with 15 Episodes

With the WGA's strike already started since this Monday it was a matter of time before the heads of the prime-time shows start to pronouce about what this strike means for this TV season. TV Guide has been reporting the developments of this writers strike and co-creators Al Gough and Miles Millar have made an statement about: what this strike means for Smallville's season 7th?

Smallville Ready to Fly with 15 Episodes

"The latest show to weigh in on its prospects, in light of the writers' strike is the CW's Smallville, which expects to deliver at the very least more than half of its planned season. "We were able to complete scripts for 15 episodes," executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar say in a statement, pointing out that No. 15 is (as fate would have it) a cliff-hanger. "To the best of [our] knowledge, the studio plans to produce all of them."

But beyond that? "If there isn't a quick resolution, then the season ends in February,…

Lara & Green Arrow are back

Thanks to RogerRocks for the following from Soap Opera Weekly.

Upcoming Episode Titles

Thanks to Kryptonsite for the new titles.

Episode 7.14: "Traveler"
Episode 7.15: "Veritas"

Episode 7 Wrath: Director's Cut

Filming updates

HNI brings you the very exclusive, SV2 was filming tonight at Civic centre in Burnaby where Lionel Luthor ( John Glover ) and Grant Gabriel ( Michael Cassidy ), have a chat after which Grant mysteriously falls down and faints as black speeding figure passes by. What could this scene be ? Is Grant in any danger ? But then from who.

Here is as promised, longer video showing Lionel Luthor and Grant Gabriel talking, then Grant getting shot by mysterious person. Does anyone have any idea on who that mysterious person is or why they would shoot Grant ?

Source: HN Insider

Episode 7.08 - Blue

Clark hears his mother's voice trapped in Kara's crystal, and releases her. She gives him Jor-El's ring made of Blue Kryptonite, which strips him of his powers.

Wrath - Trailer

TV Guide Interview with Helen Slater

Thursday, November 1, 2007
The Original Supergirl Previews Her Smallville Role
by Damian Holbrook

Helen Slater, Smallville
On the heels of Dean Cain's guest spot last month, another actor with ties to the Man of Steel mythos lands in Smallville (8 pm/ET, CW) tonight when 1984's big-screen Supergirl, Helen Slater, begins a two-episode arc as Clark's Kryptonian mom, Lara.
"You know how people love this kind of stuff," enthuses Slater, adding that we first meet a pregnant Lara in Superlore-tweaking flashbacks set on her doomed home planet. "After learning that Krypton is going to be destroyed, I go through a portal to Smallville to see where my baby will be raised... because [her husband] Jor-El has already been to Earth and picked the Kents to be Clark's family."

In a passing-of-the-torch touch, Supermom makes the trip with her niece Kara, better known now, of course, as Supergirl. And it's a good thing, too, because what the two ladies learn in the pas…

TV GUIDE Exclusive: Black Canary Swoops into Smallville

Smallville is expanding its superhero roster this winter. Executive producer Al Gough confirms for that Black Canary will make her first appearance on the CW series in the Jan. 10 episode. Playing the role will be Canadian actress Alaina Huffman, who had a supporting role in Sci Fi Channel’s Painkiller Jane.

As comic fans know, where there’s Black Canary, the Green Arrow can’t be far behind. Indeed, the episode, titled “Siren,” will feature the return of the Emerald Archer (played by popular guest star Justin Hartley, last seen in January heading off with his newly formed Justice League.In DC Comics lore, the two crimefighters have a long and complicated romantic history. But in a unique twist, Smallville will pit them against each other — at least initially. “When we meet her, she’s a vigilante working for Lex Luthor,” Gough says. The Justice League “has been keeping their eyes on Lex and trying to thwart him at every turn.” Fed up, Lex “will say to Black Canary, if you ca…