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Episode 7.10 - Persona - Sneak Peek

"Siren" Poster


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Question: A while back you said that Jane Seymour was returning for a flashback on Smallville this season. Now the rumor is she is not returning. — Michael
Ausiello: It's true. A Smallville spokesperson confirms that "a scheduling conflict" put the kibosh on her one-episode reprisal.

Source: TV Guide

TV Guide Scan

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Episode 7.12 - Fracture

"Lois (Erica Durance) follows Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) to Detroit and discovers he has found Kara (Laura Vandervoort), who has amnesia. Finley (guest star Corey Sevier), a busboy who is obsessed with Kara, fears Lex will take her away, so he shoots Lex and holds Kara and Lois captive. After Lex's comatose body is found, Chloe (Allison Mack) offers to heal him, but Clark (Tom Welling) refuses to let her."

"Fracture" was written by Caroline Dries and directed by James Marshall

Source: CW

Episode 7.11 - Siren - TV Guide

She's been kicking butt and taking names since 1947, but kinkily beloved DC Comics superheroine Black Canary gets an extreme makeover on Smallville. Played by Canadian actress Alaina Huffman, she sports exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, an ear-shattering 'canary cry' (described in the script as a subsonic pulse), and, of course, the character's trademark fishnet stockings. But in a departure from previous incarnations, she starts out on the wrong side of the law, running errands for Lex Luthor, who has fooled her into thinking Justice League leader Green Arrow (returning guest star Justin Hartley) is a terrorist. Romantically linked in the comics, Black Canary and Green Arrow will "meet cute and slightly violent," says executive producer Al Gough. Another new twist: her alter ego, Dinah Lance, is a conservative radio talk show host, dubbed "the Right Wing Hawk of the Airways," by archnemesis Lois Lane. Speaking of that budding Daily Planet rep…

"Persona" Poster Art


"Persona" Director's Cut

The CW has released the Director's Cut from next week episode “Persona”, on the clip guest stars Marc McClure as Dar-Ux and James Marsters as Brianiac.

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Episode 7.12 - Fracture - Promotional Photos

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Episode 7.11 - Siren

Question: They told me I could rent out my house here in Arizona for a thousand bucks a night during the Super Bowl. Give me some dirt on Smallville and I will let you stay for free. — Brad S.

Ausiello: Green Arrow proves himself to be quite the skillful thief in the Feb. 7 episode. According to one of my Small moles, Justin Hartley's emerald archer steals every scene he's in. Speaking of petty theft, Lana steals a few minutes with Clark and finally tells him the truth. About Lionel. About that woman who died. About everything. (Leave the keys under the mat, Brad.)

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Jimmy Olsen and Jason C. Tour Clark's House

"Grand Slam Salute to Smallville"

Part of the Smallville cast is schedule to appear on April 12th and 13th at the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, this event will be taking place at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in Burbank, CA. If you are around L.A. by that time you could drop by and meet them.

Attending on Saturday April 12th:

Aaron Ashmore*
Laura Vandervoort*
James Marsters (Also appearing on Sunday April 13th)
Phil Morris and
Erica Durance

For more info check: Creation Entertainment's GRAND SLAM XVI: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT

(*)Ashmore and Vandervoort will be both attending to the Saturday night dessert party. April 12th. Also you could attend to a James Marsters Concert on that same night

Episode 7.12 - Fracture

- Lois plays a major role in finding the missing Kara.
- In order to save Lex, Clark has to enter Lex's mind kind of like John Jones did in "Labyrinth" for Clark.

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Episode 7.11 - Siren - Promotional Photos


Episode 7.11 - Siren

THE GREEN ARROW AND BLACK CANARY BATTLE IN SMALLVILLE — While secretly working for Oliver (guest star Justin Hartley), Chloe (Allison Mack) intercepts one of Lex’s (Michael Rosenbaum) project files, but she is attacked by the Black Canary (guest star Alaina Huffman), a mystery woman with a subsonic cry. Dinah Lance, Black Canary’s alter ego, is a conservative talk show host who is working at the Daily Planet and clashes with Lois (Erica Durance).

Lex convinces the Black Canary that the Green Arrow and his team are terrorists so she launches an attack on the Green Arrow and Clark (Tom Welling). Meanwhile, Lois discovers Oliver’s secret. Kristin Kreuk, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort and John Glover also star. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Source: CW

Episode 7.10 - Persona - Press Release

While Clark is frozen in the Fortress, Bizarro takes over his life with Lana. Unaware she is with Bizarro, Lana enjoys the "new Clark" and shares information she's gathered on a serial killer who is draining his victims of all trace minerals. The two conclude it must be Brainiac (guest star James Marsters) and Bizarro sets off to find him. Lex is stunned at Lionel's reaction after Grant (guest star Michael Cassidy) reveals he is a clone of Julian. Marc McClur, Jimmy Olsen from the Superman films, guest stars as Dax-Ur.

Source: CW

Episode List and Spoiler Recap

Here is a recap of the remaining episodes for Season 7 of Smallville with a recap of some of the spoilers. Nothing new, but at least it is all in one post now.

Episode 7.10 - "Persona" - Airing 1/31/08

The real Clark (Tom Welling) will return at some point in this episode. The last we saw of him, he was frozen in a block of ice inside the Fortress of Solitude. As for Bizarro, he's going to continue to get along wonderfully with Lana and will also seek out Brainiac's help to ensure he can remain "Clark" forever. Chloe, ever the attentive one, will be the first to notice that something seems off with Clark.

Meanwhile, somebody will get shot and actually stay dead. It's most likely going to be Grant.

Episode 7.11 - "Siren" - Airing 2/7/08

The DC Comics character Black Canary makes her first Smallville appearance. She's the host of a conservative talk radio show, and when we first see her she's a vigilante working for Lex Luthor. There w…

Persona Trailer 1

Allison Mack Interview

In their recent phone chat, Allison Mack talked about why Chloe has unique insight into Clark/Bizarro's behavior & her relationship with Jimmy and more

Episode 7.14 - Traveler - Gina Holden

Gina Holden's official website has revealed that she will be playing a role on Smallville that is now filming. We're assuming she will be playing Patricia Swann.

Source: KryptonSite