"Grand Slam Salute to Smallville"

Part of the Smallville cast is schedule to appear on April 12th and 13th at the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, this event will be taking place at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in Burbank, CA. If you are around L.A. by that time you could drop by and meet them.

Attending on Saturday April 12th:

Aaron Ashmore*
Laura Vandervoort*
James Marsters (Also appearing on Sunday April 13th)
Phil Morris and
Erica Durance

For more info check: Creation Entertainment's GRAND SLAM XVI: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT

(*)Ashmore and Vandervoort will be both attending to the Saturday night dessert party. April 12th. Also you could attend to a James Marsters Concert on that same night


  1. Laura Vandervoort playing Supergirl is great. I posted, "Supergirl can really kick!" at http://myselfdefenseblog.com/http:/myselfdefenseblog.com/supergirl-can-really-kick/ about what is know about her karate.


    John W. Zimmer


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