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New Extended Trailer for Smallville

Episodes 713, 714 and 715- thanks to Gabby for the video!

Smallville Episode List (UPDATE)

Here's the current schedule for the next few weeks (which as always is subject to change)

7-13: "Hero" NEW!
Air Date:March 13, 2008

7-14: "Traveler" NEW!
Air Date: March 20, 2008

7-15: "Veritas" NEW!
Air Date: March 27 , 2008

7-16: "Descent" NEW!
Air Date: April 17, 2008

7-17: "Sleeper" NEW!
Air Date: April 24, 2008

Upcoming Episode Titles

Episode 7.16 - Descent
Episode 7.17 - Sleeper

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 7.14 - Traveler - Promotional Photos

Thanks to ENEWSI for the photos.

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713 Hero One Republic Trailer

Short teaser for the upcoming episode Hero featuring the band One Republic- view in very HQ on

Episode 7.13 - Hero - Press Release

CHART-TOPPING BAND “ONE REPUBLIC” PERFORMS AND PETE RETURNS — Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) attend a “One Republic” concert and one of the roadies turns out to be former Smallville resident Pete Ross (guest star Sam Jones III). Pete unwittingly chews some kryptonite-laced gum and develops super powers. Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe (Allison Mack) are thrilled to meet up with their old friend but warn him against using his powers in public. However, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) discovers Pete’s powers and blackmails him into helping break into a Lionel’s (John Glover) safe by threatening to reveal Chloe is a meteor freak. Kristin Kreuk and John Glover also star.

Source: CW

Michael Green and Jeph Loeb on Smallville

Wizard Universe recently sat down and talked with Michael Green and Jeph Loeb, both former writers and producers from Smallville (who are now working on Heroes)talks about their work on the DC’s Superman/Batman. Due their past with Smallville, the show was a topic on this conversation, from Bruce Wayne to what was forbidden on the show, the writers answer a few questions about this part of the Smallville story.

You can read the rest of the interview with Green and Loeb about their work on the comics Here (Tip: of you pay attention you could see a mention of working with a Smallville star there)

WIZARD: Now, the pair of you work together on “Heroes” these days, but both of you also worked on “Smallville” at different times. Did you ever work together on the teenage Man of Steel?

GREEN: We were ships passing [in the night]. I was on first season only. Jeph came on for the magical, happy second season.

LOEB: He got all the misery. I got all the glory.

I know one thing that’s been talked about…

New Smallville Mid-Year Promo

Aired during the 2 hour Supernatural event- includes spoilers for episode 713-714 at least. Features the return of Pete and Brainiac!

Video courtesy OSCK

Episode 7.14 - Traveler

Chloe, Kara, and possibly Lana are transported to the Fortress of Solitude, and Chloe gives Jor-El an impassioned plea in order to save Clark's life.

Source: KryptonSite

Episode 7.13 - Hero - Promotional Photos

Here are some more promotional photos thanks to SmallvillePH.

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Who should get a Spin-Off?

Smallville and the Strike: Update

More news about Smallville status after the WGA Strike. The strike IS over....sort of. According with reports from sources like TV and a deal was reached and it was approved. Showrunners, in Smallville's case Al Gough and Milles Millar, went back to work today, "to get crews set up and production facilities going again, as will writers who have producing duties on their shows" says TV Guide. Writes will be voting tomorrow to lift the strike and would be returning to work as earliest as Wednesday.

Now Smallville: On February 8th we reported that according to Michael Ausiello on TV Smallville might be 3 to 5 additional episodes if the strike ended on time (which it will).

Now Ausiello is now reporting that Smallville might get 5 or 6 more episodes instead of the original 3 or 5 originaly speculated.

So this season hopefully will have 21 episodes. Thing that already happened on Season 1 but maybe if Smallville gets its 8th season it wi…

Green Arrow Series in the works??

Justin Hartley, most recently known for his role as Oliver Queen -- aka the Green Arrow -- on the CW's "Smallville," has inked a talent holding deal with the network.

Hartley's association with the CW extends beyond "Smallville," which he was tapped to join in 2006 starting with the show's sixth season. He also played the title role in the network's Aquaman pilot, which had been in contention for fall 2006, and more recently was in the CW pilot "Spellbound" as well as the network's "Eight Days a Week."

It been rumored for weeks that the network tends to launch a spin-off of Smallville sometime down the road

His credits include the upcoming Warner Bros. feature film "Spring Breakdown" opposite Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Parker Posey and Rachel Dratch.

Hartley is a client of Innovative Artists

[Hollywood Reporter]

7-14: "Traveler" Info

Did you notice the seal on the envelope Lana was looking at in Lionel's office in "Siren?" Yes, that was a "V," and what that "V" actually means will be explored in "Traveler" and "Veritas." There's a small chance it might show up in "Fracture" as well.


More Smallville Episodes?

According to the latest Ausiello report, there will be an additional 3 to 5 episodes to be shot in April/May, after episode fifteen, 'Veritas'. However, this is only tentative, and may be subject to change. Please stay tuned as we get more information.

Episode 7.13 - Hero - Promotional Photos

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Here is a Behind the Scenes photo as well.

Fracture Director's Cut

Fracture Trailer

Interviews with Al Gough

With "Siren" airing tonight February 7th, exc. producer and co-creator Al Gough to answer questions about this episode and a little more about Smallville.

Read this two interviews Below

The February 7th episode of Smallville, "Siren," sees the return of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) -- and along with him, a certain pretty bird calling herself Black Canary (played by Painkiller Jane's Alaina Huffman). We had an opportunity to speak with Smallville guru, Al Gough, about the appearance of the butt-kicking bird of prey, and what it entails to bring in new DC characters.

What's the overall process for bringing an established DC Comics character into the Smallville-verse? Does a call on the part of Warner Brothers trump a call on the part of DC, or vice versa?

It's our call, usually, if we want to bring somebody in, but then we have to make several calls to make sure we can actually do that -- and that call usually starts with Greg Novack at D…

Buddy TV interviews Justin Hartley

Buddy TV has an audio interview with Justin Hartley about his return as the Green Arrow on tomorrow episode “Siren” in the Interview He talks about returning to the Smallville, what Green Arrow has been doing since he left Smallville last season and a possible Green Arrow or JLA spin off.

To hear the audio interview: Justin Hartley interview with Buddy TV

Spoilers from Smallville Magazine

The new Smallville Magazine (with Clark and Lex on the cover or Black Canary is on the special edition cover ) has an interview with the actress who plays Black Canary. She gave some spoilers, and here they are:

-The opening scene has Black Canary fighting with Green Arrow, she leaps over him during the fight. Her "Canary Cry" causes his arrow to break, and Clark's ears to bleed.

-Dinah will wear a brunette wig, and the first time we see Dinah she's in an elevator with Lois. Her and Lois don't get along because Dinah's conservative and Lois's liberal.

-Lex tells Black Canary that Green Arrow is a terrorist who is breaking into LuthorCorp. Black Canary believes Lex, but is convinced by Clark that Green Arrow is a good guy. She feels duped by Lex, because she was lied to, and she just wanted to do the right thing. That's why she went after Green Arrow, she thought he was a terrorist.

-There will be sparks between Black Canary and Green Arrow. Toward the end…

Latest from Ausiello

Question: Ausibaby, Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I think I deserve some extra sexy Smallville scoop. — Briana
Ausiello: I don't know if it's sexy, but it does take place on Valentine's Day: In "Fracture," airing Feb. 14, an amnesiac Kara will put Lex thisclose to uncovering Krypton's secrets. And because I love you, here's a bonus scoop about tomorrow's episode: A hot scene between Green Arrow and Lois turns into a threesome even a superhero would have a hard time with.

Source: TV Guide

Smallville Sprint Clips

Thanks to lizakabeth for the Videos

Michael Rosenbaum Interview

Superman fan Brett Bishop emailed the Superman Homepage to let us know that he managed to catch a quick word with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) at the Sundance Film Festival a week ago, and asked him a few questions about Smallville and what the situation was with the writer's strike and Season 8.

Q: So what are you going to do with the show because of the writer's strike?

Michael: Oh, we have five episodes or so to go so...

Q: Well I heard this is your last season? Are you coming back since this season was so short or are you done?

Michael: (takes a second to think of how to word this.) Eh... We're getting close.

[His hesitation seriously made it sound like the series is coming to an end but that was my take and you can speculate what you will. Then I asked...]

Q: Will you do me a favor and tell Tom he has to wear the suit in the last episode of the series?

Michael: (laughs) I keep telling him that.

Q: And he keeps saying no?

Michael: (laughs) Yeah but we'll see.

Q: It's h…

Q&A With Al Gough

In celebration of Green Arrow’s highly anticipated return visit to SMALLVILLE this Thursday, theTVAddict.COM has been given the opportunity to ask a few questions of SMALLVILLE executive producer and co-creator Al Gough. So go nuts posting your questions HERE

"Fracture" Details From TV Guide

TV Guide Blurb (from the Feb. 11 issue):

"Lex's search for Kara takes a deadly turn when he finds the amnesiac superheroine hanging out in Detroit with a gun-toting stalker-crazy busboy. Once the bullets start flying, however, the bald bad boy learns just how far he's fallen once Clark decides he's done saving his frienemy's hide."

Source: TV Guide

Trailer for "Siren"

Siren Director Cut