Smallville and the Strike: Update

More news about Smallville status after the WGA Strike. The strike IS over....sort of. According with reports from sources like TV and a deal was reached and it was approved. Showrunners, in Smallville's case Al Gough and Milles Millar, went back to work today, "to get crews set up and production facilities going again, as will writers who have producing duties on their shows" says TV Guide. Writes will be voting tomorrow to lift the strike and would be returning to work as earliest as Wednesday.

Now Smallville: On February 8th we reported that according to Michael Ausiello on TV Smallville might be 3 to 5 additional episodes if the strike ended on time (which it will).

Now Ausiello is now reporting that Smallville might get 5 or 6 more episodes instead of the original 3 or 5 originaly speculated.

So this season hopefully will have 21 episodes. Thing that already happened on Season 1 but maybe if Smallville gets its 8th season it will have 23 epsiodes as Season 2 had.

UPDATE: Michael Ausiello updated the Smallville report about the strike.....its official "Expected to shoot 5 additional episodes to air in April/May"

Making this 7th season a season with 20 episodes.


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