Fracture Trailer


  1. Thanks to ClarksGal at K-Site:

    Two Sprint Clips for Fracture up already
    Clip 1:
    Lex and that new guy from the diner from the spoiler pics are in an alley in a standoff. Lois is a few feet away from the diner guy, and Kara looks like she is trapped behind a chain-link fence, watching. She urges Diner Guy to put the gun down. Diner Guy grabs Lois and puts the gun to her head. He asks Lex if it's worth Lois's life. Lois yells, "Rhetorical question, Lex!" Diner Guys says he's not going to let Lex hurt Linda. Lois hits Diner Guy, and Diner Guy hits her back and she falls away. In the stand off, Lex and Diner Guy shoot their guns. Diner Guy falls down, and looks at Kara/Linda. Kara looks at Lex, who falls to his knees, and then to the ground. Kara screams, Lex!"

    Clip 2:
    Clark is in Lex's mind, and sees a memory of Lex as a little kid. It's before Lex looses his hair, he's very small. He's in his room, and Lionel comes in and accuses Lex of going through his briefcase. Lex looks fearful and says he didn't do it. Lionel becomes forceful, grabs little Lex and shakes him, pushes him down, tells him to be a man and admit what he did. Little Lex starts to cry, and finally tells Lionel that Mom did it, that he saw her going through his office and she told him not to tell. Then Lillian walks in and says, "Leave him alone. I had to know about Veritas. What are you keeping from me?" Lionel tries to get Lillian to leave the room with him, but she grabs him and yells at him, "Leaving in the middle of the night for all your meetings! What is Veritas?" Lionel throws Lillian to the ground, and yells at her, "Veritas is none of your concern. Keep out of my business Lillian." and walks out. Little Lex runs to Lillian on the floor. He is crying, and he says, "Mom, are you OK? I'm sorry!" Lillian says, "Don't Lex. You've said enough." She looks at him with contempt and gets up and walks out the door. Lex says quietly, "Don't leave!" Clark, who stood watching the whole scene, is cut to periodically throughout, and he looks stricken.


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