Michael Rosenbaum Interview

Superman fan Brett Bishop emailed the Superman Homepage to let us know that he managed to catch a quick word with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) at the Sundance Film Festival a week ago, and asked him a few questions about Smallville and what the situation was with the writer's strike and Season 8.

Q: So what are you going to do with the show because of the writer's strike?

Michael: Oh, we have five episodes or so to go so...

Q: Well I heard this is your last season? Are you coming back since this season was so short or are you done?

Michael: (takes a second to think of how to word this.) Eh... We're getting close.

[His hesitation seriously made it sound like the series is coming to an end but that was my take and you can speculate what you will. Then I asked...]

Q: Will you do me a favor and tell Tom he has to wear the suit in the last episode of the series?

Michael: (laughs) I keep telling him that.

Q: And he keeps saying no?

Michael: (laughs) Yeah but we'll see.

Q: It's his obligation.

He just laughed and I thanked him for his time since he was heading into the party. He was really nice and was a great guy.

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