Spoilers from Smallville Magazine

The new Smallville Magazine (with Clark and Lex on the cover or Black Canary is on the special edition cover ) has an interview with the actress who plays Black Canary. She gave some spoilers, and here they are:

-The opening scene has Black Canary fighting with Green Arrow, she leaps over him during the fight. Her "Canary Cry" causes his arrow to break, and Clark's ears to bleed.

-Dinah will wear a brunette wig, and the first time we see Dinah she's in an elevator with Lois. Her and Lois don't get along because Dinah's conservative and Lois's liberal.

-Lex tells Black Canary that Green Arrow is a terrorist who is breaking into LuthorCorp. Black Canary believes Lex, but is convinced by Clark that Green Arrow is a good guy. She feels duped by Lex, because she was lied to, and she just wanted to do the right thing. That's why she went after Green Arrow, she thought he was a terrorist.

-There will be sparks between Black Canary and Green Arrow. Toward the end of the episode, Green Arrow can't wait to introduce Black Canary to the Justice League.

-Black Canary gets into a fight with Clark, but when she lunges at him she just bounces off him. She doesn't understand why that is, the only thing that works against Clark is her canary cry,which causes his ears to bleed..


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