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Episode 7.16 - Descent - Press Release

Thanks to DV30302 for the heads up.

Written by Don Whitehead and Holly Hendersen
Directed by Ken Horton

The day Clark and Lex become mortal enemies. The secret of Veritas leads Lex in a dangerous direction that will put Clark and Lex in each others' crosshairs. There is a major power struggle and one character dies. (#3T6316) (CW)

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Upcoming Episode Titles

Episode 7.19 - Quest
Episode 7.20 - Arctic

Episode 7.16 - Descent - Promotional Photos

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716 Descent

New trailer for the next new episode of Smallville airing April 17 in the US on the CW.
Courtesy of JC at Trailer can be viewed in HQ on his site.

TV Guide Scans

Thanks to Susan for the scans.

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Latest from Ausiello

Question: You said that a Smallville character will take "his" last breath in the April 17 episode of Smallville. Are we to assume that this person is a man? — Alex
Ausiello: Actually, I "said" his/her, so you should assume that it's a man, a woman or some combination of both. In related news, allow me to clarify a clue that I dropped in my vodcast last week regarding the upcoming death. The character about to get Grim Reapered has never been presumed dead by the audience. It's an important distinction.

Source: TV Guide

715 Veritas Canadian Trailer

Canadian trailer with Kara giving Clark some pointers

715 Veritas Sprint Clip

715 Veritas Sprint clip- quality is only so-so - thanks to lizakabeth on youtube

Here is the transcript of the video courtesy of clarksgal:
Brainiac and Kara are in the barn. Brainiac asks Kara, "What if I told you there was a way for you to save everyone you loved?"
Kara replies, "I'd say are you arent the first Kryptonian to use those memories against me - and it won't work."
Brainiac said, "That's unfortunate, because I need you."
Kara says, "That's not my problem," and starts to walk away.
Brainiac grabs her, and says, "Well, at least you can't say I didn't ask nicely." Clark comes from behind Brainiac and throws him...Brainiac flies out of the barn and hits the water tower. Clark and Kara superspeed outside the barn, where Brainiac is standing, soaking wet. He tells them, "Just remember, if we'd have done this my way, no one would have gotten hurt."

715 Veritas Trailer

View in HQ on
This is the shorter promo for the episode- has some different footage than seen in the other trailer.

Episode 7.15 - Veritas - Promo

Episode 7.18 - Apocalypse

Episode 7.18 will be called "Apocalypse".

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Episode 7.15 - Veritas

Smallville Executive Producer Alfred Gough had an interview with TV Guide in their March 24-30, 2008 issue. Here are some highlights:

- Because of the strike, there was a chance that "Veritas" could be the season finale, so, in Al Gough's words, "We went in and raised the cliff."

- Long time fans will be rewarded with revelations about the show's mythology and connections between Lionel Luthor, Virgil Swann, Genevieve Teague, and others. They all formed a secret society called "Veritas." "These families were united in a common quest that went horribly awry," Gough told TV Guide. "And obviously that common quest involves a certain Kansas farmboy."

- Brainiac also returns in "Veritas," and Gough hints that "Kara is a key ingredient to his next plot."

Source: Kryptonsite

714 Traveler Canadian Promo

Thanks to Gabby at DFN- this one shows guest star Aaron Douglas ( aka Chief Tyrol on BSG) .

Kristin Kreuk on Season 8

Kristin Kreuk addressed her fans via her online Facebook profile regarding her future on the show, from the rest of Season 7 to beyond. Here's what she had to say:Hey Team...So, I thought I would give those of you curious about Smallville a brief debrief. I am in Bangkok for a few more months. So, no shooting of the Ville for me. I will return for a undetermined, although small, number of episodes in season 8.I am not really opening up the floor for lots of discussion, because it is not really the …

Episode 7.16 - Descent

Lex confronts Chloe over having something that he believes she has stolen, and the end result is not very pretty.

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Episode 7.15 - Veritas - Press Release

Kara decides to teach Clark how to fly in order to strengthen his chances against Brainiac (guest star James Marsters). However, Brainiac seems to have the upper hand against the super cousins, and some of Clark's loved ones are caught in the crossfire. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star.

Source: CW

714 Traveler Extended Trailer

Thanks to Gabby at DFN!

714 Traveler Director's Cut

BIG spoiler in this for the episode ending

Erica Durance Q&A

Erica Durance Q&A from MegaCon

714 Traveler Promo 1

New promo courtesy of JC - view it in HD on
We get our first glimpses of Flash Gordon's Gina Holden as a guest star in this one.

New Hero Clips

Thank to FLyxNERD for the links to the videos

TV Guide has 5 clips of tomorrows episode Hero, featuring Smallville star Tom Welling,Laura Vandervoort, Sam Jones III returning as Pete Ross and the band One Repubilc.

Watch the 5 Clips Here

Episode 7.17 - Sleeper

Casting notices have gone out for a blonde femme fatale named "Vanessa." Vanessa is a spy investigating one of Smallville's major characters. (Meaning, it's either Clark, Lex, Lana, or Chloe who's being spied on)

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Ausiello Spoilers

Question: In last week's Ask Ausiello, you mentioned that "nearly everyone" was onboard for next season except Kristen Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum. Is Allison Mack included in that "nearly everyone"? — Donny

Ausiello: Yes, the A Mackster has already re-upped for next season. I hear that keeping Chloe around was a top priority for producers given the uncertainty surrounding Kreuk and Rosenbaum's future involvement.

Speaking of which, exec producer Al Gough gave TV Guide's Rich Sands an update on the duo's contract talks. "Kristin will be back for a portion of the season — likely the first third," he said, "and Michael… quite frankly, those negotiations are just getting started. So there's no word one way or the other whether he'll be back next year or not."

According to my moles (but unconfirmed by Gough), best-case scenario, Rosenbaum will be in 18 episodes. Second-best-case scenario, he'll do 11. Worst-case scenario, he…


Spoiler clip from Hero with the return of Pete to Smallville

Latest from Kristin

Jessica in Montreal: Any scoop on my fellow Canadian cuties, the boys of Smallville?
I’m hearing someone gets paralyzed and someone gets dead. Both are pretty huge twists! Guesses? Comment below! Also, Lex is getting closer to figuring out Clark’s secret.

Source: E!Online

Sprint "Hero" Clip

Chloe at her desk on the phone: Hey, Clark, uh, we've got a problem and it appears to be growing. *Chloe looks around*

-Cut to computer screen showing a photo of Pete saving Kara. Chloe click on the photo and then a red bar says ACCESS DENIED. Then a white bar appears saying Upload in progress. Then cut to another computer screen saying Upload complete. It's Lex's computer.

Chloe barges in...

Lex: Chloe! Glad to see someone's taking advantage of my open door policy.

Chloe: The IT department says that you've been monitoring everything that happens on the Daily Planet computers?

-Cut to Lex giving Chloe a "so what" look.

Chloe: Unauthorized servailance is totaly unethical.

Lex: Pretty big words from a cub reporter. Shouldn't you be using them to write stories?

Chloe: Good idea. I think office espiange (sp?) has a nice ring to it.

Lex: Look, I'm new here but I thought Lois had first stab in conspiracy theories

Chloe: (angrily) You hacked into my computer and c…

James Marsters Psyched to Return to Smallville

James Marsters told Superhero Hype! he is psyched to return to the set of "Smallville" as Professor Milton Fine. The former "Buffy" and "Angel" star will be shooting two more episodes of The CW show; he'll be heading back up to Vancouver as soon as he possibly can. He said he also wants to return for the 8th season if they ask him back.

And getting back to his "Buffy" gang, he'll be reuniting with that cast at the Buffy convention.

"Smallville" returns this fall on The CW.

MSNTV Description For Upcoming Episodes


Kara decides to teach Clark how to fly to help strengthen his chances against Brainiac; a confrontation with Brainiac affects some of Clark's loved ones.

Lionel arranges to have Clark abducted and held in a kryptonite-lined cell; Chloe and Lana take Kara to the Fortress and beg Jor-El to restore her memory, as she is the only one who can save Clark.

Kara and Jimmy attend a concert where former Smallville resident Pete Ross is one of the roadies; Pete chews kryptonite-laced gum and develops superpowers.

"Hero"'s Director's Cut

The Directors Cut from the episode "Hero" is now up on the CW Website On the clip: Allison Mack as Chloe, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex and the return of Sam Jones III as Pete Ross.

Hero's Director's Cut

The CW's Official Description: "Veritas"


Kara (Laura Vandervoort) decides to teach Clark (Tom Welling) how to fly in order to strengthen his chances against Brainiac (guest star James Marsters). However, Brainiac seems to have the upper hand against the super cousins,
and some of Clark’s loved ones are caught in the crossfire. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. James Marshall directed …

New Ad/Promo for Smallville Episode 713 HERO plus new DC Comics Contest

New ad/ promo for Smallville with a contest to make your own DC comics mystery and win a trip to Comic Con . Includes new footage from episode 713 HERO with the return of Pete Ross! Thanks to JC at for the promo.

Who's Staying For Season 8?

Now that Smallville is officially picked up for an eighth season, negotiations will begin with Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum, both of whom had contracts which end with Season Seven. No official deals have been signed for them as of yet. Kristin Kreuk will be back for at least part of Season Eight.Tom Welling, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort, Erica Durance, and John Glover are all still signed and expected to return for the show's eighth

"Veritas" Spoiler's

* Episode 15 is entitled "Veritas," will be a flashback featuring some of Smallville's most notorious villains. Roles that are currently being cast include Robert Queen, Young Jason Teague, Young Patricia Swann, and Young Oliver Queen. Another troublemaker mentioned in the casting sides is Genevieve Teague, who was expertly played by Jane Seymour back in season four. Her role is still unconfirmed (IT's BEEN CONFIRMED SHE WONT BE BACK), but it looks like the episode will flashback to when Lionel (John Glover), the Teagues, the Queens, and Swann were all working together in the late 1980s.

* Remember the "Queen Industries CEO Missing, Presumed Dead" headline wayyy back in Smallville's very first episode? That newspaper factors in to this story.

* Chloe (Allison Mack) will finally confront Lionel about his true motivations.

* villain Brainiac will be returning for the episode

* Lois and Jimmy work together on a story.

* E…

Ask Ausiello Spoilers

In today's Ask Ausiello columns Michael Ausiello on TV Guide has some scoops about Smallville. Who is returning next season and well, who is a goner in a upcoming Episode.

Question: Now that we know that Smallville's coming back next season, when will we find out which cast members will be returning? — Kirsten

Ausiello: You'll find out right this second (Warning: This spoiler will dramatically and suddenly accelerate, climb, stop and dive. It is not recommended for Smallville fans who are expectant mothers or those with a history of neck or back conditions or heart trouble) OK, here we go: Everyone is expected to return for Season 8 except — wait for it, wait for it — Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk. I'll give you a second to catch your breath. [Beat] Sources close to the show tell me that both actors have informed producers that they don't intend to return as series regulars next season. However, they are open to doing limited engagements, and those details are…

The CW Picks Up Smallville for Season 8 reports that The CW has picked up "Smallville" for another season:

Also renewed were the long-running Thursday night team of "Smallville," which will begin its eighth season, and "Supernatural," which will begin its fourth season.

For more shows picked up, hit the link above.

Episode 7.14 - Traveler - Press Release

LIONEL KIDNAPS CLARK — Lionel (John Glover) arranges to have Clark (Tom Welling) kidnapped and held in a kryptonite-lined cell at a Luthorcorp facility. After Chloe (Allison Mack) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) find a military electric probe at the farm, they confront Lionel, who throws suspicion onto Lex (Michael Rosenbaum). Chloe and Lana take Kara (Laura Vandervoort) to the Fortress and beg Jor-El to restore her memory as she is the only one who can save Clark.
Source: CW