715 Veritas Sprint Clip

715 Veritas Sprint clip- quality is only so-so - thanks to lizakabeth on youtube

Here is the transcript of the video courtesy of clarksgal:
Brainiac and Kara are in the barn. Brainiac asks Kara, "What if I told you there was a way for you to save everyone you loved?"
Kara replies, "I'd say are you arent the first Kryptonian to use those memories against me - and it won't work."
Brainiac said, "That's unfortunate, because I need you."
Kara says, "That's not my problem," and starts to walk away.
Brainiac grabs her, and says, "Well, at least you can't say I didn't ask nicely." Clark comes from behind Brainiac and throws him...Brainiac flies out of the barn and hits the water tower. Clark and Kara superspeed outside the barn, where Brainiac is standing, soaking wet. He tells them, "Just remember, if we'd have done this my way, no one would have gotten hurt."


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