Episode 7.15 - Veritas

Smallville Executive Producer Alfred Gough had an interview with TV Guide in their March 24-30, 2008 issue. Here are some highlights:

- Because of the strike, there was a chance that "Veritas" could be the season finale, so, in Al Gough's words, "We went in and raised the cliff."

- Long time fans will be rewarded with revelations about the show's mythology and connections between Lionel Luthor, Virgil Swann, Genevieve Teague, and others. They all formed a secret society called "Veritas." "These families were united in a common quest that went horribly awry," Gough told TV Guide. "And obviously that common quest involves a certain Kansas farmboy."

- Brainiac also returns in "Veritas," and Gough hints that "Kara is a key ingredient to his next plot."

Source: Kryptonsite


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