"Veritas" Spoiler's

* Episode 15 is entitled "Veritas," will be a flashback featuring some of Smallville's most notorious villains. Roles that are currently being cast include Robert Queen, Young Jason Teague, Young Patricia Swann, and Young Oliver Queen. Another troublemaker mentioned in the casting sides is Genevieve Teague, who was expertly played by Jane Seymour back in season four. Her role is still unconfirmed (IT's BEEN CONFIRMED SHE WONT BE BACK), but it looks like the episode will flashback to when Lionel (John Glover), the Teagues, the Queens, and Swann were all working together in the late 1980s.

* Remember the "Queen Industries CEO Missing, Presumed Dead" headline wayyy back in Smallville's very first episode? That newspaper factors in to this story.

* Chloe (Allison Mack) will finally confront Lionel about his true motivations.

* villain Brainiac will be returning for the episode

* Lois and Jimmy work together on a story.

* Episode 15 is also set to explore some long-standing elements and arcs from the overall Smallville mythology. This episode, along with the previous one, will bring back many things that happened in past seasons and finally tie them together. The storyline will heavily involve Clark (Tom Welling) and the Luthors, but beyond that we'll have to keep guessing as to which questions we'll get answers to.

* Creator Alfred Gough has confirmed that episode 15 ends on a cliffhanger, to ensure that it will keep fans talking if it does end up being the season finale

* The presence of Brainiac takes place in the present day, not in a flashback.

* Chloe isn't the only one to have words with Lionel in this episode. Expect Lex and Lois to also have dialogue with the elder Luthor.

* "Everything changes after Episode 15, and Smallville will never be the same again."


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