719 Quest Trailer

Special guest star for the week is Stargate Atlantis ( and Star Trek Voyager) regular Robert Picardo. After a solid start as war time McDreamy on China Beach he has become a go to guy for sci-fi. He appears to be a monk who is part of the Veritas society protecting the Traveller.
Video courtesy of OSCK


  1. It is going to be LEX, who bites the dust, it has just been confirmed that he too is leaving the show and not returning next year, so we will see the last of him in the 20th episode!!


  2. They can't kill Lex and stick to the mythology surely??

  3. Maybe but on the site www.devotedtosmallville.com they have confirmed that all other regulars are set for season 8 except John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum, all the others are on board, Lana will only return for a few episodes and they also post that 2 new villains will be introduced in season 8, that is because Lex is not there any m0re!!

  4. I vote Lex will be in the funny farm thus not on the show and not dead....Am also thinking Brainiac will be gone for good at the end of this season- or at least in the James Marsters form of him

  5. It might be Chloe who dies but I do not think so and Braniac is not a regular or a big a nof caracter to kill off!!

    So who dies, it is up for graps...

  6. I know it can not be Lex but who else, as mentioned Braniac is not a regular or a big caracter, so who??


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