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It looks like Smallville's about to take another, potentially lethal, hit.

Just a week after it was announced that Michael Rosenbaum would not be returning full time as Lex next season, sources confirm to me exclusively that Allison Mack, arguably Smallville's most popular heroine, may be the next to go.

This marks quite a turnaround from a few months ago, when I deemed Mack a lock to come back next season. And I wasn't the only one. Although a deal wasn't signed at the time, Smallville insiders tell me that all indications were that the actress was on board for Season 8.

But then Rosenbaum terndered his resignation and everything fell apart.

"Allison's camp used Michael leaving as leverage in the negotiations with [Warner Bros.]," says one Smallville source, who adds that Kristin Kreuk's decision to only return for a handful of episodes as Lana only strengthened Mack's bargaining position. "They need Chloe now more than ever — and Allison's people know it." (Mack's reps declined to comment for this story.)

But will the studio suits budge? In this climate, with ratings down by double digits and belt-tightening going on everywhere, no one is optimistic. However, everyone pretty much agrees about one thing: Smallville can't afford to lose Mack right now. "If Allison leaves, they've essentially got Lois and Clark left," notes one insider. "And that show's been done before."

So, what do you think? Should Warner Bros. man up and give Mack what she's probably been worth all along? Or are you OK with Smallville turning into Lois & Clark: The Early Years? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide


  1. Okay that TOTALLY SUCKS on so many levels! I'm already highly upset that MR is leaving. But if AM is gone too, then I am so DONE with Smallville forever! I don't have any major problems with Lois and Clark's characters, but this is SMALLVILLE! NOT METROPOLIS! And I already have all four seasons DVD sets of LnC from the 90s and I don't want to see a remake of that in SV. NO WAY! I want to see a satisfactory ending with the main 4 characters we started with since the pilot. Clark, Lex, Chloe and Lana. And since MR is gonna be gone and KK is limited, I need AM there to keep me watching. Because without them, the only original character left is Clark and yes the show is about Clark, but not in Metropolis and not with Lois and Jimmy, that's for later on after he becomes Superman. Aaaarrrgghhh! This sucks! Everyone's gone, Pa and Ma Kent, Pete, Lionel, Lex, Lana (sort of), and now Chloe too! WTH happened to the show! This ISN'T Smallville anymore! They may as well change the name of the show! All that will be left is Clark, Lois, Jimmy and Kara, and as much as I adore all of these actors, esp. Tom, I love him to death, but if Allison is adios too, so am I! Hope you have a successful season 8 Smallville because I so will NOT be tuning in with all but one of the original cast GONE!!! Okay, bitter rant over! Sorry, I'm really sad now....:( I really hope and pray that AM isn't leaving, she's a HUGE favorite and I think it'll be a major loss for the show, IMO:(

  2. Smallville is suffering sagging ratings, Michael Rosenbaum will not be returning in season 8, and now TV guide is reporting that Allison Mack, who portrays Chloe Sullivan, maybe leaving over contract negotiations. Chloe Sullivan is Clark Kent’s long time confidant, popular know it all can do anything heroin, and one of only a handful of characters who knows Clarks super secret identity.

    Smallville may need to hold on to Allison, but only because the writers or producers seem stuck in the past. For years now Smallville has retreated again and again to storylines about meteor freaks (humans mutated by Kryptonite) and the tired moral message that keeping secrets is bad (sometimes secrets save us).
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