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Episode 8.01 - Odyssey

Directed By: Kevin Fair

The "Researcher," "Scientist," and "Guard" roles are involved with Chloe's storyline.
- When Clark returns to Metropolis, he'll have a big surprise for Lois.

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Episode 8.01 - Odyssey

The new season begins several months after the events of the Season 7 finale.

- Casting is currently underway for "Kat," a young, eager assistant for Tess, who also makes her first appearance in this episode; and "Nikolai," a man who works on a boat with Clark near the Arctic. Roles also now being cast include a Researcher, a Scientist, and a Guard.
- Clark is brought home by some possibly-surprising rescuers.
- Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) returns in this episode.

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Latest from Kristin

Keith in Delaware: Is Smallville going to suck without Michael Rosenbaum this season? I know the answer, I think, but am hoping there is some kind of salvation.
Actually, I'm hearing some very cool things about the new season. The writers are going into more of the Metropolis/Lois-and-Clark storyline and moving away from Smallville. Clark is going to work at the Daily Planet, and with Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) coming back, you can bet your sweet booty that more members of the Justice League will be popping up again. Sounds good, yes? No? Comment below...

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The CW's Official Press Release!

“SMALLVILLE” BRACES FOR ARRIVAL OF NEW VILLAINSSam Witwer (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Cassidy Freeman (“Finishing the Game”) Join Cast of Hit Series for Eighth Season This Fall
BURBANK, Calif. (June 19, 2008) – Rocked by the mysterious death of Lionel Luthor and the sudden disappearance of his son, Lex, the town of Smallville will be put further on edge this fall with the arrival of two new villains, as Sam Witwer (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Cassidy Freeman (“Finis…

New Cast Members

Michael Ausiello(formerly of TV Guide, headed to Entertainment Weekly) Broke News this Week on who will be play the Villians in the upcoming season of Smallville Davis Bloome (who is best known to Battlestar Galactica fans as ex-Raptor ECO Alex “Crashdown” Quartararo,) has been tapped to play the series regular role of Doomsday.

Additionally, relative newcomer Cassidy Freeman is joining the cast as Tess, a sexy and vengeful firecracker with whom Lex hires to run his empire in his absence. Ironically, the actress’ most recent credit was the failed CW pilot Austin Golden Hour — starring none other than Green Arrow himself, Justin Hartley (who’s back on Smallville full time next season).

In depth descriptions of both characters have been posted below to refresh your memory.Doomsday: Real name: Davis Bloome. He’s in his mid-20s. He works as a bartender at the hip new Metropolis lounge Ace of Clubs.He plays down his smoldering good looks with a self-effacing…

Season 8 Casting

Thanks to Lisa for the heads up.

It's official! The CW just confirmed to me that Justin Hartley (Green Arrow/Oliver Queen) has been locked in as a...wait for it...series regular for the upcoming eighth season!

According to the show's rep, Justin's storyline will focus on Oliver's past and where he comes from as opposed to his Green alter ego.

Good news, yes?
Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Smallville

I'm also told that Kristen Kreuk (Lana) will most definitely be back for a batch of episodes—most likely six or seven—but they're still working out the exact number.

As for the two new characters—Tess (female villain) and Doomsday (aka Davis Bloome)—they are yet to be cast, according to the CW

Source: E!Online

Is adding Doomsday to the show a good idea?

Season 8 Rumours

Update: 1:30 AM GMT Please note these are unconfirmed rumours. I am trying to find out the source of these spoilers which I believe could well be foilers. (Updated by DarkUFO - Site Owner)

Kristin Kreuk will be appearing in "6 or 7 episodes" Producers are planning on ending her story arc

Laura Vandervoort will not be a series regular next year. However, she may return for a few episodes in the mid season

Erica Durance is contracted 13 episodes this season;look for lois to have a love interest this season and get a little catty with a new female on the show

Clark will learn a new power this season and will get a mid season-love interest that will make lois think twice about him

Phil Morris will be returning as the Martian Manhunter in Season 8 but for only 2 episodes

James Marsters has expressed interest in more appearances as Brainiac. producers feel he will be the villain in the final season but only for the couple of episodes

Michael Rosenbaum will not be returning as a series r…

Latest from Kristin

David in Tampa, Fla.: Do you have any early scoop for next season on Smallville?
Yep! It's not easy being green, but apparently it pays to be Green Arrow. My sources tell me that Justin Hartley will be back on Smallville as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen for the majority of the season. Me = tickled pink. Love that guy.

Source: E!Online