Season 8 Rumours

Update: 1:30 AM GMT Please note these are unconfirmed rumours. I am trying to find out the source of these spoilers which I believe could well be foilers. (Updated by DarkUFO - Site Owner)

Kristin Kreuk will be appearing in "6 or 7 episodes" Producers are planning on ending her story arc

Laura Vandervoort will not be a series regular next year. However, she may return for a few episodes in the mid season

Erica Durance is contracted 13 episodes this season;look for lois to have a love interest this season and get a little catty with a new female on the show

Clark will learn a new power this season and will get a mid season-love interest that will make lois think twice about him

Phil Morris will be returning as the Martian Manhunter in Season 8 but for only 2 episodes

James Marsters has expressed interest in more appearances as Brainiac. producers feel he will be the villain in the final season but only for the couple of episodes

Michael Rosenbaum will not be returning as a series regular for Season 8 but producers are praying on him returning to the series by the end of the season current plan is for lex to be missing and then reappear as the man behind everything thats not scene

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow) will be returning to Smallville as a series regular this season (as heard from E! news Kristin Dos Santos) but look for the JLA to come back for a least (from a soruces tells me) 3 episodes along with 3 new members !!!!

Allison Mack (Chloe) Will Return Next Season for all 22 episodes

and finally a sources close to me has stated that u will see Martha kent again

you will hear a Chloe Say a "Familiar name" this season, someone that she been in contact with

and a series rule will be for when?? late in the season

Source: Unknown Source


  1. That mid-season LI had better be Chloe after seven years of nauseating, inexplicable Clana and a series of trashy love interest which sicken most real Superman fans.

    It's time Clark turned to Chloe, the one girl who has always stood by him and with whom he has always had such dynamite chemistry; the producers were nuts not to go there long ago. Chloe ahs always been the real Lois of Smallville and if they want Lois and Clark then Chloe is the girl they should use for that exalted position.

    Erica Durance's character is the worst Lois in history; a girl who thinks she can sleep her way up the ranks of the Daily Planet is an insult to the legend and just one more trashy girl Clark doesn't need.

    Her character is so bad now, it would be a mercy to get rid of her and use the money to get MR back, the guy we need to really see the show end decently. Not-Lois has no place there at all.

  2. The rule being broken? "No Flights, No Tights." I pray that it's the first part being broken, not the 2nd.

    Oh and Clark's new love interest will be Tess (I think that's her name?), the woman looking after Lex's estate. Lois will hook up with Doomsday (well, human-Doomsday. You know what I mean).

    Those are my guesses.

  3. I know the showrunners already have their idea about Oliver's arc but could that be just remotely possible to HOPE that maybe they have a clue about what CLARK'S arc will be this season?? Y'know, the guy that the show is supposed to be about?? And I mean something not involving yet ANOTHER soapy arc?? I think the fans are over the guessing game about what will most probably be the last season. I would love to know if the showrunners have a clue of what Clark's arc is going to be.

  4. I do not think that the mid-season LI is either Chloe or Tess. Tess I think comes in a little early on in the season. I think Chloe is going to be with Jimmy for the time being. I think this mid-season LI will probably someone new, someone from comics probably with initials LL...IMO anyway.

  5. clark flies this year i read

  6. I second the person who said that Clark and chloe should get together. Clark is so hung up on lana and I don't see why!!!!!!! Lois is Koop her character is "nice" but the bread winner forthe show would be either Clark and chloe or chloe and Oliver. Jimmy dosent suite her..... He doesn't even believe in "freak" the way she does. Look how many videos for chloe is on YouTube or google her..... She has a larg fan base!!!!!!!!! Go chloe !!!!!!

  7. i bet that in the season finale-Doomsday-Tess dies. After all, nobody likes her and everytime she pops up it just causes more trouble for Clark!


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