Episode 8.02 - Plastique

Thanks to Craig from Kryptonsite for the following.

"Plastique" does indeed involve Bette Sans Souci, the character from the DC Comics universe. In this version she is a "15 year old street kid" who is injured in an explosion, and Chloe asks her to move in. (Thanks to S.A.M. for that tip!)

- Contrary to some reports that Chloe will be serving time for a while... in actuality, Chloe will no longer be incarcerated by the time this episode happens.
- Justin Hartley (Oliver) and Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy) do not appear in this episode.

This episode will explore Clark's first day on his new job and his teaming with Lois.
- The character of paramedic Davis Bloom makes his first appearance in this episode, and he interacts primarily with Chloe.

Source: KryptonSite


  1. So basically they're still following the rule that everything that happens in the season finale/premiere won't matter for the rest of the season.


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