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Any scoop on when Kristin Kreuk will be returning to Smallville? — Ian
Ausiello: Would you believe sweeps? Shocking, I know. According to exec producer Brian Wayne Peterson, who I cornered at The CW's press tour party last week, Kreuk's five-episode stint as Lana will kick off in early November. "She'll come back at a very inopportune time for Clark," he hints. In the meantime, while Ms. Lang's off "giving Clark some space," the man who would be Super will be growing closer to Lois. "They'll be working together this year at Daily Planet," Peterson says, "and some friction is going to come out of that." Not to mention several winks to classic Superman lore — beginning in the season premiere. Teases Peterson: "There might be a phone booth moment between the two of them."

Now that Al Gough and Miles Millar are gone from Smallville, will the new show-runners amend their "No flights, no tights" policy? — Jeremy
Ausiello: Um… hell, yeah! "We are respecting everything that Al and Miles have set up," offers Peterson, choosing his words carefully. "All I'll say is we can definitely guarantee that there are no tights."

Any other scoop about Smallville? — Patricia
Ausiello: Obviously, I wasn't going to cut Peterson lose without asking him about Smallville's most celebrated non-couple, Clark and Chloe. "We definitely touch on [her feelings for him]," he says. Adds fellow EP Todd Slavkin: "They've been best friends for a long time, and Clark would never get in the way of her pursuing her happiness. But oftentimes, feelings have a way of creeping in. That's all we'll say." Um, you've said more than enough, my friend. More than enough!

Source: EW


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