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Give me some awesome Chlois scoop. — Danny
Matt: You want awesome? We've got awesome. Our Comic-Con video Q&A with half of Smallville's show-running team, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, is about to go live. When it does, you will hear's Erin Fox procure this glorious sound bite: "We've played Clark and Lois as brothers and sister, basically, so far... but this season, things change. [Working together at the 'Planet'] they can't deny that there are feelings there."

Can we get more info about Clark and Lois both working at the "Daily Planet"? — Kassandra
Matt: OK, just one more excerpt, but then I'm done robbing Erin Peter to pay Mega Buzz Paul: "The romantic banter, a la Moonlighting... the fans are going to love it," says Swimmer. Banter shmanter — is Clark's pencil going to get sharpened? The answer to that... is coming when the video goes up, folks.

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