Allison Mack Carries the Torch for Chloe Sullivan

Chloe Sullivan has come a long way from her days as a reporter at Smallville High's student newspaper, The Torch. In the past six years she has dealt with more freaks then you can shake a stick at, earned and subsequently lost a column at The Daily Planet, discovered Clark Kent's secret identity, tussled with the Luthors, and found out she had superpowers of her own. It seems Chloe my have found love as well, as the most recent season of “Smallville” ended with the-man-who-would-be-Superman’s own pal Jimmy Olsen asking her to marry him, just before she was arrested by government officials.

The actress who has played Chloe Sullivan, Allison Mack, has come a long way as well. Acting for over twenty years, Mack is going to take the leap behind the camera this season and direct an episode of the hit CW series. CBR News got the chance to talk with Mack at last month's San Diego Comic-Con about the brand new season of “Smallville,” which begins in September.

Even though Mack is returning for her eighth season on the show, she is still very excited about the series and part of the reason why is that she’ll expand her repertoire by directing an episode. “I am directing this year so that's a totally new beast to tackle,” Mack explained, “so I'm looking at the show in a very different way. Also, there's something so wonderful about the family that we've built so coming back just doesn't feel like I am coming back to work on 'Smallville,' it really feels like I am coming home in a lot of ways. It's really nice to come back and enjoy that kind of fall into the warm embrace of the family that's being built there.”

Mack feels it’s her job and responsibility to be excited about being back on “Smallville.” “What I mean is [that] as an actor it's my job to make everything interesting and exciting and new and if I am not doing my job well then I am stealing,” she said. “So coming back, I think it's important to keep it fresh and [it's] important to be excited because I think that's part of why I get paid.”

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