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The CW's Smallville has landed the second half of its upcoming villainous one-two punch. Charlotte Sullivan, who recently starred in the Canadian series/SOAPnet import MVP, is coming on board as Maxima, has learned exclusively, and will first appear in the new season's fourth episode.

The arrival of Maxima gives Smallville two new toughies to deal with, coupled with Sam Witwer's imminent introduction as Davis Bloom aka Doomsday.

Who/what/from where is Maxima? According to Wiki/Superman canon, she's the oldest child of the royal family of the planet Almerac. (Random anagram alert: Caramel!) Her purpose on Earth is to find a suitable mate — which more than explains why she finds herself in a liplock with not one, but two Smallville gents not long after her arrival!

Maxima and Superman are genetically compatible, meaning she can give him what no Earth woman (save for Kate Bosworth?) can — children. Her powers historically have included mind control, strength, enhanced stamina and the occasional psionic beam shooting from her peepers.

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