Smallville’s Arrow On Point

Justin Hartley, who plays Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) on The CW’s Smallville, told SCI FI Wire he’s thrilled to be a regular cast member for the show’s upcoming eighth season and offered a few spoilers about his relationship with Clark (Tom Welling).

“I was excited,” Hartley said about his permanent status during an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego over the weekend. “I had actually just shot a pilot with [fellow regular] Cassidy [Freeman], and they didn’t pick it up. I think it was a day or two later that I got the call from Smallville. We talked a lot, and I love playing the character. I have a lot of faith in the writers that they will write great stuff for me.”

Queen first appeared in the sixth season as a love interest for Lois Lane (Erica Durance). As a master archer who uses his powers for good, Queen also served to spur Clark Kent toward his own destiny of helping humanity. Hartley said that dynamic will continue to evolve this season.

“Clark and Oliver are buddies and friends in the premiere,” Hartley revealed. “It’s actually why Oliver is coming to back: to look for Clark. But Oliver gets broken down a little bit. He starts to look at all the things he sacrificed to do what he does, and he starts to wonder if it was worth it. It’s kind of cool, and I think everybody does that. But once you start to question something and your heart is not in it, then it becomes really dangerous to keep doing it, because you are vulnerable and susceptible. It’s like the football players that say if you’re not going to play 100 percent, you are going to get hurt. Oliver starts to question if it’s worth it anymore, and Clark starts to embrace his ‘destiny’ a little bit more. It’s interesting, because the guy that’s worn the suit is going the other way, and the guy who has never worn the suit is going that way.”

Hartley said audiences will also get to see more of Queen’s origin story. “We’re going to go back into the Smallville mythology and explore how Oliver became the Green Arrow, why he is the Green Arrow and how he became so good at archery,” he said. Smallville’s eighth season kicks off Sept. 18. –Tara Bennett

Source: SCIFI Wire


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