Smallville's Justin Hartley: Real Straight Shooter

Originally set to make his splash into comic book television in the role of Arthur Curry in the unaired Aquaman pilot “Mercy Reef,” actor Justin Hartley made his way to The CW's “Smallville,” trading in his swim trunks for a bow and quiver as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. Hartley appeared in seven episodes over the course of “Smallville” Season Six and returned again in Season Seven. Slowly befriending Clark Kent, Queen was soon to become part of a team of young heroes that bore a striking resemblance to the Justice League. With “Smallville” Season Eight set to begin September 18, Hartley officially joins the regular cast. We caught up with a conspicuously scruffy-looking Justin Hartley to talk about the future " and past -- of Green Arrow.

As any Green Arrow fan knows, Oliver Queen's origin began when the playboy became stranded on a deserted island where he was forced to learn how to use a bow and arrow to survive. Should fans take his stubbly appearance to be a signal that we are going to see the “Smallville” version of Green Arrow’s origin story? “Yeah,” Hartley said with a laugh. “I am about ready to be on an island. We are going back into the ‘Smallville’ mythology a little bit and kind of explore how Oliver became the Green Arrow, why he is the Green Arrow, and how he became so good at archery and all that stuff.”

Hartley did regret not knowing the series’ plans sooner, or he would have grown out his facial hair further. “I wish I would have had a bit more notice but we'll see what we can do by tomorrow at five o'clock in the morning.”

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