Allison Mack talks to Jason C. about wearing white

Allison Mack talks to Jason C. about new plot twists for Smallville Season 8. Including a future wedding, a possible love triangle with new character Davis Bloome, and some friction with Clark???

Source: CW


  1. Awesome! God I love Allison! And I love the character Chloe she plays. I'm glad to see more storylines going on this season for Chloe's character that are aside from Clark. Don't get me wrong, I love the Chlark dynamic of the show. Their friendship is a truly honest, open, and loving one. And should be cherished and envied. And I would love nothing more than to see Chlark turn into a romantic relationship. BUT seeing as that is not the direction the show is going, I would just be satisfied with seeing Chloe have a happy ending on the show.

    I don't have much love for the Chlimmy relationship considering how he treated both her and Kara during season 7 so the whole wedding fiasco just doesn't sit right with me, but I'll suffer thru the uneasiness because I don't want to miss any of Chloe's storyline.

    And even though we all know that Davis will eventually turn out to be the big bad wolf in the end, I am still anticipating seeing his relationship development with Chloe and how that turns out or what happens when evil completely takes over him.

    I really really miss the Chlo-Lo love. I hated how they showed nothing but competition and angst between them and not much family connection during season 7. So I really hope we get more Chlo-Lo family-love scenes this season.

    And I love the new aspect of her powers. The Brainiac infection. Hee! I think it's more fitting for her and her role in the story than the healing.

    Anywho, thanks for the interview. Can't wait to hear more on Chloe.



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