Episode 8.03 - Toxic - Promotional Photos (HQ)

Thanks to Andreas for the images, which unlike other sites does not add cheap Watermarks to the images and spoils them for the Fans.


  1. Thanks a bunch!

    From the looks of it Chloe is shocked to see the state Oliver is in so Clark must have been the one with him at the party.

    Davis looks like he's doing an amazing job.

    Tess looks stunning with red hair.

    From the ISIS computer they're investigating the South Pacefic so they must have hit the jackpot on a clue somewhere.

  2. Hey, my pleasure, nice to get the images without all the watermarks and in HQ :) and yes, I like redheads :)

  3. OMG those are awesome. ta for posting

    I love TESS!!!!!!

  4. thank you so much for not watermarking them with logos as I try to collect all the promo images but the logos spoil them.

    I have emailed my friends a link to this site as i think they will love it!!!


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