Episode 8.07 - Identity - Casting Sides


  1. Awesome! Any chance you have any for Commited or Plastique?

  2. I'm glad Lois is in Identity. I didn't know she was until I read these sides. It makes sense, Jimmy takes the photo of the red and blue blur and Lois wants to find out about it.

  3. Hi, sorry we don't have earlier ones but all future ones will be posted :)

  4. These are so kewl!

    Just to let you know dark ufo that kryptonsite have banned users and deleted links to your site. I know I wont be going back there in the future they seem to think they are the only site that is allowed to post smallville spoilers.

    Well now we have you!!! :)))

  5. i stopped going there a while ago. they never credit their sources and the owner thinks his some kind of hero :( how lame is that.

    glad to see sites like this sharing all the info they have and not censoring things. ive bookmarked and added you to my RSS reader.
    cant wait for new scripts and spoilers!

  6. Thanks Anon and Penny. It's a real shame. Out of all the 100's of sites and their owners that I work with the KS site owner seems to think they are the only site allowed to post spoilers. They delete all links to our spoilers and deleted all discussions by their readers that discuss our spoilers. It's as if the spoilers don't exist.

    They never credit other sites on their spoilers page but instead just post the text as if it is their own.

    Well we will also share everything and we always credit our sources, like the vast majority of other well run sites do.

    It's a shame that the KS owner does not allow more open discussion for their own readers. But hey, each to their own.

    Appreciate the kind comments and glad you enjoy the spoilers. We'll be posting more each week as we get the script snippets and casting sides.

  7. Well here's hoping for more Lois spoilers/sides.. :)

  8. I've just found this site and I've got ot say it's amazing.

    Thanks for this.

    I'm curious to see the Clark/Tess dynamic and why she was crying, shame there wasn't any in this though.

    Thanks, again.

  9. Thanks JNottle, that's very kind of you to say so. Glad you enjoy the site and hope you come back often :)


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