Episode Abyss - Script Snippet

Thanks to Vortex for the script.


  1. Wow!Thanks for this!

  2. Neat!

    You're now my no.1 smallville site. Kryptonsite never posts this sort of stuff

  3. Thank you for sharing

  4. Why are some parts blacked out? Are they parts that won't be in the episode?

  5. Early/Young Chlark:) The first kiss:) This is definitely a scene I am most looking forward to watching!!!!

  6. My pleasure, glad to share with you all.

  7. These are so kewl!

    Just to let you know dark ufo that kryptonsite have banned users and deleted links to your site. I know I wont be going back there in the future they seem to think they are the only site that is allowed to post smallville spoilers.

    Well now we have you!!! :)))

  8. Thanks for this!

    As for Kryptonsite... the forum rules CLEARLY say users can't post images/links/etc. from other boards/with watermark. It's no wonder some got banned if they did that. And Kryptonsite is the only one allowed to post Smallville spoilers there (the rest of the web is free to post by their rules).

  9. Thanks :)

    Yep, It's a shame that a site owner cannot act more maturely and let the fans discuss all the spoilers, rather than the spoilers that they want you to read. I no longer visit that site and I'm going to stop posting credit or links back to them.


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