Erica Durance Interview

The time is now for Smallville to take the Superman mythos to the next level by teaming Clark and Lois at the "Daily Planet." With the CW series' season premiere a week away, sought to squeeze some "scoop" out of Ms. Lane herself, Erica Durance. Here in Part 1, the actress updates us on her episode count, braces for the critical storyline laid before her and, yes, reveals the last thing I expected to hear her say. — Matt Mitovich First things first: How many episodes do we have you for this season?
Erica Durance: All I know is I'm doing more than my 13, but they wont tell me how many yet. Those sneaks. Don’t they know you have bills to pay? Shoes to buy?
Durance: It is sneaky, right?!

Source: TV Guide


  1. :) i love erica durance, and i think it saddens me to know there are people out there who bash her for her work as lois lane, she's amazing and so sweet:)
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it and I agree, I'm a big fan of Erica.

  3. I cant wait for part2, if i get my hands on it next week, i'll be sure to drop it here if no one else has done:)
    Erica is fabulous :D

  4. Thanks, we're keeping an eye out for it as well :)

  5. Thanks for posting, I'm so happy shes getting more than her usual 13 episodes :D


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