Erica Durance on Lois and Clark

Thanks to SpoilerTV Reader Fated for the following.

Note: Until the interview is published we cannot 100% confirm this.

Erica Durance has said that based on some of the scenes she has done alot happens in them,but it is very clear that Lois is in love with Clark, but she doesn't want him to know, and doesn't know what to do with those feelings. Matt will post his complete interview with Erica Durance on Thursday in which he states, she dropped a bombshell on him...

Source: Fated@SpoilerTV


  1. awesome! i read it too but on another site :D
    cant wait till thursday

  2. Thanks, do you happen to know what the other site was?

  3. yep, its on here:

    i'll give you the exact quote and the website URL, it's a forum, so u may have to register to view it:)

    '''Look what Matt @ TV Guide emailed me, BUT this is only so that no one raids his email inbox, he wasn't going to provide me with this little tidbit because he was afraid of being hounded by ALL the Lois/Clois fans so.... and this should hold us over for the rest of the Erica interview, which he says will be posted Thursday:

    OK, but I had better not regret this:

    A "random" snippet from shortly after ED dropped the unexpected bombshell on me:

    "A lot of things happen in the scenes I'm doing where you definitely see that Lois is love with Clark. She doesn’t want him to know, but she does realize her feelings. She just doesn’t know what to do with them."'

    i can assure you, it's legit,;)

  4. Thanks very much for all the info and links etc.

    Appreciate you taking the time.

  5. Thanks a bunch!

    I'm loving how this season is sounding.

    Can't wait until Thursday.

    Thanks, again.

  6. Your moe than welcome:)
    season 8 is sounding brilliant!

  7. Yup that was posted by me originally at a Clark/Lois forum... thanks for reposting!.. I can't wait to see how it plays out :)

  8. Thanks Trisha, appreciate you coming over here :) If you get any new info in the future we would love to post it here.


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