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Thanks to JNottle for the heads up.

Seriously, you've teased it enough. I must have the massive Smallville scoop that Erica Durance dropped on you. — Jeff
Matt: Actually, I have not teased it enough. [Pause] There. Now I have. Part 1 of the Q&A is coming Thursday, Lo fans, and remember, I am just the messenger.

How about some love for Smallville's Chloe? Without anything to do with Lois or Jimmy? — Siobhan
Matt: Chloe... has new powers? That's all I can dig up thus far. (I better hustle on that Allison Mack interview.) For what it's worth, Erica talks about both Allison and Chloe, a few times. (Damn, I'm still teasing. Bad Matt!)

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