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We know that Erica Durance attended TV Guide's Emmys after-party. Did you have the opportunity to talk to her/dig up more scoop? – Gaby
Matt: Ooh, salt, fresh wound. Yes, I got Erica and her physics-defying dress on video, but it somehow vanished into the ether. (Or maybe she is a genie...?) Two things I recall her saying: In lieu of The Kiss, "smoldering" Clois moments are to come, and the rumor that Smallville is ceding its time slot to Reaper after Episode 10 was news to her. From other sources, I confirmed that Lois will briefly gain "powers" at some point this season, but no, she doesn’t engage in a killing spree (as one Buzz reader suggested).

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  1. Sad we don't get to see a kiss but "smoldering" is good. By the way Erica is totally rocking the auburn hair!


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