New Site Section - Celebrity Photos

Just wanted to let you know that we've just launched a new section to the site called "Celebrity Photos".

We've had a lot of feedback recently from people wanting to see more photos of their favorite TV and Movie stars etc but they didn't really fit in with any of our existing sections. We were also getting increasing frustrated in how many other sites (JustJared, Popsuger, Splash etc) posted these photos with huge great watermarks across the photos which spoilt them for the fans.

As a result we have created Celebrity Photos where you will find the latest HQ images of Celebrities at Events, Openings, Photoshoots etc all with NO watermarks. You also have the ability to rate the photos which will help us in determining the types of photos we post in the future.

You can subscribe to the RSS Fee here and follow us on Twitter here.

We hope you enjoy this new section and if you have any comments please feel free to email us.


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