Smallville 802 Plastique Spoiler Interview

Showrunner Brian Peterson gives sneak info for episode 2


  1. What? Lois teaching Clark to be a "real" journalist? Does he mean Lois teaches Clark how to sleep his way into the Daily Planet? Lois does not know the first thing about being a real journalist. All she knows is how to lie in articles (Inquisitor), how to sleep her into the DP (Kara-Gemini) and basically how to be annoying (Season 4-Season 7).

  2. I think Plastique sounds very exciting on many fronts. Lois will be advising Clark on how to be a reporter. She got her job at the DP from her COMBAT fight article -- which she did all by herself. It wasn't as if she pushed her cousin into the ring with Titan or made a deal with Lionel Luthor to spy on her best friend. AND what really looks yummy is Davis Bloome! He and Chloe have sparks and they're going to have a relationship. Wow! Lucky girl! He's a hottie and such a nice guy. He's even got that 'bad boy' thing going on with his secret. :)

  3. I am thrilled we are seeing CLARK KENT embracing his destiny and going to work at the Daily Planet. A complete lack of interest in any professional growth has been one of the things holding the show back- I can't wait to see CLARK and his journey toward being SUPERMAN as this season plays out.

    Clark sparking and having fun with Lois is just part of the Superman story and after two and half seasons of Clark moping in the barn it is nice to have a change of scenery and some new storytelling.

  4. Lois teaching to Clark how being a journalist gonna be great! Their relation is gonning to evolute to so much more that the thing we saw in the last seasons! They gonna be with each other more and all and feelings will be there!
    We will see the legendary love affair of all times and just for that I can't wait...

    PS: I'll try to ignore the negative comments like the one posted by cecilia even more when they're not constructive...

  5. Cesilia, I think you need to rewatch Kara and notice the LACK of Lois and Grant making with the sleeping, if you even watch any of Lois' scenes before you bash, you'd see they provided answers for you on how she got into the DP (Kara).. what article got her into the DP (Blue), and how her little fling with Grant (which only lasted 2 episodes) didn't raise her DP status in the least. It only makes you look pathetic when you attempt to bash and don't even have your facts straight.

  6. HA. Wait. Lois is teaching Clark how to be a REAL reporter? ...Who's teaching her first? Or is she going to show Clark the ins and outs of choosing a french maid costume? -_-' She's beyond incompetent...

    If it weren't for spoilers for later in the season, I'd be getting off this BS Clois ride now. And that's after watching for 7 seasons... Luckily, things will get better from here. Hopefully. This is the only episode spoiled so far this season that I do not care about at all, because of the Clois. =|

  7. On a more positive note, looking forward to Bloome. His character looks very interesting.

  8. She´s blind, Trisha. Even in Smallville Magazine had said how many qualities she have about journalism. It´s like preach in the desert.

  9. Finally good to see Clark at the DP with none other than Lois Lane. Of course Lois Lane is the one who is going to teach how to be a real journalist instead of being a hacker. I hope Clark picks up on some of Lois's street savyness. Would like to see how Clark will interact with Plastique and turn her to the right path. I hope this part is not given to Chloe because this season we need to see Clark taking big steps towards becoming Superman.

  10. Oh, Lois. Lois who is the single most annoying character on television. Who sleeps with her boss, doesn't graduate high school, who is beyond lucky and doesn't have to work for anything she's been given, who doesn't know the first thing about journalism (please, some Lois fan out there, give me the episode and the time marker, or a screen cap, of ONE article Lois has published at the DP, where it is clearly stated that she has a byline) and doesn't care about ethics. She is going to be showing Clark the ropes. I love it when people refer to Chloe as nothing more than a hacker when she actually has published articles for the Daily Planet. Yes, she's hacker. Also, a journalist. Which is more than Lois can say.

  11. I don't NEED to see a Lois Lane byline at the DP, they already showed one when she first got into journalism, her Arrow article, as well as her Combat article that was a big thing during last years comic con I believe, she got both of them by going after them, not sitting behind a computer.. why don't YOU show me a DP article that Chloe got WITHOUT the help of others? Without it being something related to Clark's secret, or without Lois stripping undercover and stepping up to go head to head with Det. Sawyer, FOR her, or without Jimmy Olsen telling her to go after the story? You can't because it never happened, all four of her articles at the DP were not because of her own doing the work. At least Lois goes after stories, goes undercover to investigate, no matter how much you bash her for her way of doing things, she doesn't let her little cuz keep her down by trying to throw her off track, unlike little miss reporter Chloe who gave it all up just to be secret sidekick/hacker.

  12. Chloe had articles published but Lois and Clark actually were the ones to investigate and finish the case. She didn't want to work at the black hole that DP is anyway... Also, some people should rewatch the scene before they feel like bashing next time.
    Lois is a kick-ass reporter already and this will be fun, seeing her try to learn Clark how to be one.
    I can't wait to see Plastique and more of Lois and Clark at the DP. It finally goes the way it's meant to be.

  13. Lois Lane did not get a byline in the DP because she was investigating the Luthor's which Grant kept shooting down. But she did get the GA story and Combat story for the Inquisitor when DP was publishing the Clexana triangle.
    Since when does Chloe care about ethics since she was using the DP database for playing sidekick to Clark and Oliver.Also the stories which Chloe wrote for the DP she had help from her boyfriend/cousin/superfriend.

  14. I love the fact that Clark is going to be spending his first day at the Daily Planet as a reporter. FINALLY! It's true that Goughlar never let anyone finish their college education. (Lois did indeed finish high school and attended Met U.) But Lois Lane, did work for the Inquisitor, tabloid that it may have been, but it was still OJT and experience. She had a nose for news and investigation in her very first episode. She ought to show Clark the ropes, because she has so many times before. I'm very excited about Clark taking on his destiny and being a full grown man now. YEA! As for Chloe... she may be Clark's best friend, but he should think twice about hanging around her when he's without superpowers. He ends up dead every time. He should have stuck with Lois in Odyssey. She would have protected him and made sure they both stayed alive. :)

  15. Cesilia:
    WORD to your entitre post!

  16. oh please, don´t turn this into another Chloe vs. Lois debate. it´s always the same and it´s getting really old!!

    By the way, does anybody know if there will be script snippets for episode 10?

  17. If we get access to them then we will post the script snippet :)

  18. I'm so excited for this episode. It will be so funny to see Lois try to take Clark under her wing, when we know, in true Lois Lane style, she can't spell, but she does have her some street savvy. I can't wait to see the dynamic, and Clark trying to get away for some super-saving, while Lois thinks he's slacking off. I'm truly excited for that angle of their repertoire. It's worked for 70 years, I'm so glad we're blessed to see it play out in Smallville, my favorites TV show, as well.

  19. Anonymous (one of them said: Since when does Chloe care about ethics since she was using the DP database for playing sidekick to Clark and Oliver.

    Now is it really unethical to help the heroes on the side of good? If I happened to be helping save the world on a weekly basis, I would think nothing of using every resource at my command to do so.

    Just saying.

    As far as Lois shong Clark the ropes... I'm sorry, but gag me. No matter how many ways they drop her into situations and say she deserves it because she's sassy, I'm not buying. I can't forget her way there (many massive lightswitches). I could have got behind Lois if they had developed her in any believable way, but it's too late for me.

    I blame the showrunners past and present for not having Lois take any kind of organic path to supposed iconic destiny. Now... I just cringe whenever I see her.

  20. This is so great! Clark Kent finally embracing his destiny and starts to work at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane.

  21. Amen Anonymous. Chloe is by far THE most annoying character on Smallville. This season only exposed even more of her Mary Sue like characterization. I'm glad the show seems to be giving her a destiny as Jimmy's wife and hopefully we'll never have to see this character ever again after this show is done.

    Lois Lane IS the ONLY REASON I care about this show. She was the only reason I started watching and the only reason I continue to watch. If they ever had her exit the show, I would stop watching immediately.

    Erica Durance's portrayal is spot on brilliant. She's the best Lois Lane since The Animated Series. I love everything about her portrayal and she's a great actress. I look forward to more of her adventures and I'm glad this season is having much more Lois & Clark interaction.

    I'm also relieved the producers have decided to add more Lois Lane to this season because it'll give me more reason to be involved with the show.

  22. Lois and Clark at the DP should be fun. Hopefully now that Clark doesn't have his hacker/sidekick there with him he will come off looking more proactive and heroic, something with a majority of Superman fans like me want to see.

  23. OMG! So awesome.

    Lane and Kent for season 8! :)

    After all the years of teen soap Clana angst, they finally get to the good stuff.

    Clark at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane. At last, we get the Superman we've been waiting for.

    Thank you PS3 for finally going the way of the mythos. You guys rock!

  24. As far as I'm concerned, this new sesason of "Smallville" is set to be the best yet and it's barely even started; Chloe seems to have finally moved on from Clark for good, we have the "Smallville" version of one of Superman's most powerful foes- Doomsday KILLED Superman; how much more powerful can you get?-, and, best of all, Lana is OUT and Lois is IN!

    Clark's already showing signs of being more pro-active as a hero with his new attitude; here's hoping that "Plastique" and all subsequent episodes reflect that as he utilises his abilities to their fullest extent while also FINALLY allowing him and Lois to explore their feelings to their fullest extent...

  25. I'm so happy!This episode(as the 8' season) will be great!
    I love the idea of Lois teaching Clark how to be a reporter!It's remind me LnC.
    I'm sure Lois will see that Clark is a great reporter and he doesn't really need her help :p

    I love Chloe,but the really story( in the DP for instace)is between Lois & Clark.Besides Chloe wants marry Jimmy and staring a new life by helping the Justice League.
    Smallville need change and Lois & Clark working together at the DP,is a awesome idea!
    I waiting for seing this since the season 5...

  26. Finally, the Lois and Clark iconic partnership at the Daily Planet. I can't wait to see the funny moments between them and all the interactions in general. Clark is finally becoming the superhero we all love, being proactive without the need of superhackers.
    As Clark said himself he wants to be "in the middle of the action". Finally, because all the previous seasons he nothing but a BDA
    I love PS3

  27. Those spoilers sound cool. The new Lois/Clark dynamic reminds me of the extra scenes from the Superman II movie where Lois wanted Clark to change his style. :D
    Welling & Durance have great chemistry, just like Reeve & Kidder did.

  28. I'm finally glad that Clark Kent is moving forward and working at the Daily Planet with Lois. Hopefully, with Chloe busy with Davis Bloome and her wedding with Jimmy, Clark may start using his brain for once and not be told what to do by his sidekick.

  29. [I] Anonymous (one of them said: Since when does Chloe care about ethics since she was using the DP database for playing sidekick to Clark and Oliver.

    Now is it really unethical to help the heroes on the side of good? If I happened to be helping save the world on a weekly basis, I would think nothing of using every resource at my command to do so.
    Yes it is unethical. There is something called as workplace ethics where you use the workplace resources only for work related things not for playing sidekick and getting extra pay on the side for using the work place resources for non-work related research. Almost all workplaces condemn this and if found the employees can be terminated without notice. If she had played the sidekick role using her computer at her apartment then I can accept that Chloe is ethical.

  30. Finally the PTB are allowing Clark to move towards his destiny…. Finally Clark is realizing normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And the one person that will lead him there is Lois Lane.

    Smallville might have stepped away from the mythos and tried to create their own stories, their own characters, different ships, but it all comes down to one thing…. Destiny.

    There is no SUPERMAN without LOIS LANE!

    No matter who wants to deny it, or try to destroy it, it cannot be done.

    Lois Lane is the strongest, most powerful influence in Clark Kent/ Superman’s life. She is what makes him feel alive, she is what keeps him fighting for a better world. No matter what reality they are thrown into, or what changes are made to their characters they will ALWAYS find their way back to each other.

    Currently Clark is trapped in a Universe where everyone around him, holds him back. The people he turns to, that know his secret use it to their advantage. He is a man trapped in a boy’s mind leaving him unable to think or act for himself. The only person that challenges him or questions his decisions is Lois Lane. She looks at Clark and she sees Clark Kent, nothing else. Hopefully this season the PTB have realized their mistake in keeping these two apart and will allow the magic of these two amazing characters and actors to shine through in Season 8.

    To try to insult or drag down the character or actress is childish and the lack of understanding and appreciation for such a strong woman is beyond comprehension.

    Why is it, in this society after all of the strides women have made, it still so easy for us to tear each other down. We should be proud of the woman Lois Lane is and if anything we should strive to be more like her.

    Lois Lane is more powerful then Clark. She fights for what is right without the aid of superpowers. She is a mortal woman trying to make a difference in this world and like Clark would lay her life down for those she loves and for the people who have no voice she gives them one. I for one would love to be as strong and compassionate as Lois Lane.

    Lois and Clark’s story is timeless and it reaches beyond boarders. Their love is what everyone wishes for, someone to love you not in spite of who you are but because of it.

    One of the reasons I respect their relationship is because Lois is Clark’s equal. She doesn’t put him up on a pedestal or drag him down to a place where you can’t recognize him anymore. Lois challenges Clark and makes him want to be a better person.

    Without Lois there is no Superman.

    Smallville has changed the mythos and created their own alternate reality. They gave Clark a new life, love and best friend. In this world Lois Lane is not the most important person in Clark’s life. Truthfully, she is lucky if she comes in 4th or 5th, which contradicts everything their relationship has stood for, for the last 70 years.

    Thankfully their love, friendship and respect for each other is timeless, powerful, overwhelming, passionate, beautiful, and iconic… It is something that no one can destroy.

    There are times when we see glimmers of the man and relationship we have coveted all these years, but it’s the preverbal carrot… Dangling long enough to give hope, but no substance.

    However, there is still a reason Lois was brought to Smallville… She will rescue him.

    She is the light in the dark that will guide him to his rightful future.

    No matter what alternate world Lois and Clark are thrown into, they will find each other. Their souls are intertwined. There is a deep rooted connection that not even TPTB can destroy.

    “He is a man, a man who can fly and it is Lois that sweeps him off of his feet.”



  32. I am very excited to see Lois and Clark at the DP. I am also excited to see how this dynamic duo plays out with Lois's affinity for attracting trouble. Lois is not intimated by anyone and she puts her life on the line whenever she goes undercover to get to the bottom of the story. So IMO she is far more qualified to teach the ropes of real journalism to Clark. Can't wait to see Lois and Clark at the DP

  33. Thanks for the interview... as usual, the exec. producers give me hope and renewed excitement for this upcoming season. Can't wait to see more of Clark Kent at the DP and his growing relationship with Lois Lane. As a longtime "SV" fan and Superman fan, this is something I've been waiting for years to see...

    Keep up the good work, PS3!!!

  34. I haven't been this excited for a Smallville season in a very long time. It's such a relief to see that it's finally heading in the right direction, Clark at the DP being a reporter, embracing his powers, his destiny and being pro-active. Above all else, I'm a Superman fan, and anytime I see Clark acting in that manner, I literally clap my hands. Since this show is primarily about Clark's journey, he is the character I'm most concerned with, and it looks like I don't need to worry anymore.

    The banter he'll share with Lois Lane as he works alongside her at the DP is incredibly iconic. I never thought I'd see this on Smallville, it's been a long time coming.

    To the person who ended their post with--
    “He is a man, a man who can fly and it is Lois that sweeps him off of his feet.”--I TOTALLY agree in every way.


  35. Season 8 is finally moving in the direction this show should take as it approaches the end.
    It is moving away from the boy and on to the man.

    No story about Superman is complete without Lois Lane, the Daily Planet,Jimmy Olsen and the plethora of bad guys, with the shadow of Lex Luthor, sometimes visible, sometimes not.

    So, this season is it. Im glad about no more Clana, even though KK is gorgeous,and to be honest Chlark..doesnt really exist.

    Smallville has taken a lot of freeway with the mythos, but even AlMiles said "no matter what the reality, Lois and Clark are meant to be".

    ED's LL just rocks!Apart from being very gud looking, she has grown into the character of Lois Lane as if it were made for her.For me, Lois Lane will always be Erica.

    And it would be nice after the depressing season 7 we had to bear, to watch CK actually smile. Not just a sad ghostly imitiation of a smile, but a real honest-to-goodness smile.

    Bring on the Clois.

    Ps: the person who has "charmed destiny" at the bottom of their page..U said it.

  36. Finally, Season 8 is moving towards the mythos, towards Superman, towards the place where they are supposed to be.

    Clark entering the Daily Planet is a big and wonderful step. Refreshing, really. Lois being there to help him through it all and push his buttons is simply amazing, since that is a part of the mythos. It will, without a doubt, provoke some iconic, amazing moments.

  37. I am already liking the new season of Smallville and I love the focus on Clark and Lois's characters are they are my two favorites. Looking forward to season 8. :)


  38. I just love the CLOIS... I'm glad that Clark is finally working at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane. They're FINALLY going into the Superman mythos and he's becoming more and more like Superman which is what the show is about in the first place. So I'm glad the show is going where it's going. I love the CLOIS interaction and CLOIS in general. Yeah Lois and Clark!!!!!! :)

  39. Its about time for Clark to get into the Daily Planet and the fact the its Lois showing him the ropes just further follows the mythos. Thank God for the mythos because if some people were writing this show this would never be about Superman it would be all about Chloe. Lois rocks you people who are bashing her are just gaging me with all this hatred

  40. FINALLY TPTB is going into the Superman mytho's - Lois and Clark together at the DP. Does the comics have Chloe or Clark working together at the DP? NO! For those who are huge Chloe fans, I need to ask you are you a Superman fanatic like me? I'd say probably no. You're not. Chloe had her 7 years of fame. She had 7 years to get her reporting right. Yet, after 7 years she failed. She wasn't out on the field doing under cover investigating work. Chloe was too busy trying to be "sidekick" in the superhero club.

    With all this childish Lois bashing going on is pathetic. Because you're precious Chloe is not getting hooked up with Clark. Chloe has moved on. Accept it. Chloe has. Accept the fact that Chloe will never be Lois Lane.

    After literally being a boy for 7 years, Clark Kent needs to move on too. He needs to grow up, embrace his calling, and move away from the past - Lana and Chloe - and on towards the future - Lois Lane. His destiny - future love, Lois Lane, and alter ego, Superman.

    At last TPTB has gotten on the right track of the Superman mythos. Season 8 is by far going to be the best season ever in Smallville history.

  41. To a certain group of people saying Lois slept her way into the Daily Planet, I suggest you throw away your obvious hatred for Erica Durance's character, Lois Lane and watch back the past season. I do believe that she "slept" with the editor AFTER she got the job. She didn't immediately get into the Daily Planet, but she was a reporter for the inquisitor and she wrote her first article there and made it into the the inquisitor's cover page. That's pretty telling that she can definitely write, and I reckon her article in combat is much more power than what she came up with for her first article for the inquisitor. And oh, I do remember that her first ever article at the torch made it to the cover as well, and again I think Chloe herself thought that Lois has talent in writing.

    Lois was meant to be an annoying character. She has always been that way since in the comic and movies. I suggest you digg up other incarnations of Superman. Even so, many still adore her for that.

    I'm so excited to see more of Lois in the episode. Lois would step up as his "adviser", eh? I can definitely see it in my head. I reckon it'd be funny too! PS3, you guys have done wonders with the season premiere. I reckon you have pretty much better stuff coming. I'm so excited for Plastique!

  42. This sounds like the most exciting year of Smallville to date! With Clark embracing his destiny, being a more proactive hero, and working at the DP while trying to hide his "secret" (soon to be "secret identity" one hopes)...with the development in Clois, Lois being in more episodes, and hopefully playing off the wonderful chemistry between ED and TW...

    I could not be more excited!

    Thank you for realizing the amazing potential to be had in moving Clark's story forward and in exploring the love between two people who have not only always been destined to fall in love but who really brighten up the show when they interact. There's a reason that people never get tired of hearing about Lois and Clark together - why movies have touched on it, the comics have run with it for so many years, and there has been a television show based around it that people still love to this day.

    Clois is legendary, and I can't wait to see it play out with TW and ED (my favorite Lois Lane to date, no less)! I'm also definitely looking forward to Tom smiling more this season, and I love how enthusiastic ED is about her story this year. PS3 and the actors have done a fantastic job of getting the word out that this next season is going to be the best yet, and I for one can't wait to see it!

  43. Awesome! I love the way the shows going this year!! More Superman mythology is going to bring lts of fans! Can't wait for thursday nights episode! Yay Lois and Clark!

  44. I can't wait to finally see Clark and Lois getting closer.It's what I enjoy most about the show seeing them interact which eachother is great(and hilarious! ^_^)

  45. Lois and Clark together at the DP!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is already the best season ever!!!!!!!!

  46. Great news. I want to commend the new producers on following the mythos this year! Watching the iconic Lois and Clark on this show is going to be excellent, I can't wait.

    Erica is definately the best Lois Lane in years.

  47. I hope we get the Clois we deserve. Tom and Erica represent the best chemistry as L&C that I've ever seen. I want some RST with respect to the mythos as soon as possible. Erica Durance is simply amazing and we are so lucky to have her as our Lois. It's time she got the front burner and if they truly give us our Clois instead of just non-stop teasing as they have for the past three years, it will be the best season ever!

  48. Wow, this is the first time i've read any of these show discussions. i got a message on divine intervention saying that my girl Lois was getting bashed on this site by some chloe fans, so obviously i had to see what the fuss was about.

    First off, I would like to say how happy i am that no1 is on here saying how CLANA should continue because let's face it, i think we can all agree that Lana sucks ass.

    What is with all of the Lois negativity? She brings the funny to show. I saw a parts of some episodes of SV b4 i ever really got into. the season four premiere came on while i was flippin through channels and i was finally hooked on SV. Lois was just hilarious. I checked out all the seasons of SV from the library to get caught up, and now i'm a die hard SV fan all because of Lois Lane.

    All these people that are hating on Lois just need to accept the fact that Chlark will NEVER happen. It is time to let go. Besides the whole Jimmy/Chloe ship is really cute. I do not hate Chloe. She has done many things in the past that really pissed me off, but i let it go because her character is only human- just like Lois'.

    We all need to accept that the only really intolerable character on the show is Lana Lang for sooooo many reasons.

    I can't wait for all of the future CLOISness to happen this season. ;)

  49. Woohoo! The new producers have got me really optimistic - I don't know whether to embrace the feeling or fight it! Either way, I'm more excited about this season than I was season 4 - and that's saying something. It's high time we see Clark embracing his destiny and heading to the DP. As much as I love Clark, Lois is my favorite part of the show and I can't wait to see her try and take Clark under her wing - should be classic because she is gold and them together adds welcome amusement to the show!

  50. Great to see that Clark is moving towards Lois and his reporter/hero-self! It's what all the Superman fans have been waiting for.

    I'm also liking the fact they're giving Chloe her own character and story arc, rather than just using her as a DC character seat filler or plot hole fixer. Chloe has always been watered down versions of mythos characters, so it's nice to see her straying from journalism and getting her own claim to fame.

  51. I'm thrilled that Clark is finally moving on and starting at the DP! I'm also hoping that season 8 allows the romance to bloom between Clark and Lois. After all, Superman cannon states that Lois is the great love of Clark's (Superman's) life. I think it's time to move in that direction.

  52. I'm so excited for this season. I can't wait to see the explosive chemistry between Tom Welling and Erica Durance as they bring Clark Kent and Lois Lane to life. Clark's destiny is calling and Lois Lane will be right beside of him, as she's been for 70 YEARS! Can't wait!!!

  53. Finally! The season I've been waiting *years* for! Lois and Clark working at the DP together! Soooo excited for their verbal banter as they start growing closer! :D

  54. Wow did all the Lois/ED fans just run down to their fandom sites and ask people from there to come here and spam? lol
    I don't think Ive seen this many comments posted here for one little article( except for the Lost page, obviously)

  55. This show is supposed to be about Clark Kent is it not? And since Clark is now at the Daily Planet and is showing signs of maturity and accepting his destiny, this will be the best season of Smallville ever, regardless of the shipper talk. I have watched since the beginning and I've waited for years to see Clark reach this point.

    What's more is that the entire cast is superb. With the decision to make Erica Durance and Justin Hartley regulars and then to add two new characters that have ties to the mythos, nothing could be better for this show. They bring a freshness and energy and that's exciting to see.

    Besides, Clark needs to let go of everything that negatively ties him to Smallville, and that includes Chloe. And no matter how much Chloe fans want to complain, Clark is not meant to be with her. She doesn't challenge him or keep him honest. She can't make him smile that genuine smile. She is a part of his life, that is true. But she is also a part his past that has kept him paranoid and closed off from the real world. For as supportive Chloe has been, she has also been a burden and a crutch and has halted Clark's development.

    He also really needs that voice that can give him constant and steady support, one that doesn't come with a disclaimer or pressure, one that is altruistic at the core, and most importantly, one that makes him feel normal once in a while by not hero worshipping him every step of the way. And the only two people who can do that are Martha and Lois.

  56. [tdog said...
    Wow did all the Lois/ED fans just run down to their fandom sites and ask people from there to come here and spam? lol]

    And I suppose that you just happened across this page...for a second time? =\

  57. Who is this smiling, joking, teasing, mischievous, driven guy? Is this Clark Kent? Hallelujah! Finally Lois and Clark are at the Daily Planet working together. The time for taking things slow has past. Let's get to the goods. The Lois and Clark dynamic in Season Four was wonderful but somehow in Odyssey is was even more on FIRE. Yes even with the small amount of scenes they've been in together.

    It will be interesting to see how Smallville negotiates this spin on Lane and Kent at the Daily Planet. Lois is not a veteran. They are newbies together. Lois does have a year on Clark, he is a bit of a bumpkin AND we all know how Lois loves to bust Clark's chops. So I'm looking forward to the mentoring (bossing) and hilarity. Great job on the banter in episode one. I look forward to more of the same in episode two.

    Also I LOVE explosions. So I'm looking forward to an explosive episode two.

    I hope to see a new spin on the Chloe/Clark dynamic too. Allison Mack is second billing now. No more walking round and round desks and saying exposition. I want some Chloe action. More action means less sidekicking but let's not forget that Chloe is Clark's primary secret keeper and best friend. I want some Clark/Chloe hero fighting partnership. There are also a lot of Chloe questions about the healing powers, Brainiac and Chloe's journalism career. Not to mention her love life!

    If Odyssey is any indication, you've got plenty of pleasant surprises in store! I can't wait!

  58. This episode sounds amazing! I can't wait to see Clark and Lois bantering at the Daily Planet, they are so much fun to watch!

  59. Wow did all the Lois/ED fans just run down to their fandom sites and ask people from there to come here and spam? lol

    Wouldn't use the word Spam but yes we were made aware that a little positiveness in your sad little lives would be welcome.

    It's about time that a story about the early years of Clark Kent and how he became a superhero developed into that mythos... especially how said hero is now in his twenties!

    A saying goes "behind every great man is a great woman". No matter how anyone wishes to deny it, part of that superhero is a unconventional woman known as Lois Lane and thankfully the new writers have decided that they need to show the dynamic between these two characters.

    Chloe Sullivan is not and will never be Lois Lane. Unfortunately, it seems that the writers have now decided she can be Braniac so I think we will now start to see a close friend of Clark's become his enemy. I'm sure Allison Mack will rise to this challenge and give a good acting performance and can only hope that her fans will give her support rather than morn.

  60. Im glad the direction the show has taken, Clark is finally moving on, he´s matured, he seems to be more proactive, he´s finally letting go of the past and taking a step forward his destiny as earth´s greatest champion.

    Love the focus Clark seems to be getting this season, after 2 season´s where he was on par with Lana and Lex, not so much in screen time but in involment, this time around it seems pretty evident he´s the main dude which should have ALWAYS been the case.

    I like this new direction, taking the time to talk to us the fans show´s a level of respect we havent felt in a while and many of us apreciated.

    Keep it up guys, this is shaping up to be a great season, with Chloe finally flying on her own and living her life instead of droping everything to help Clark, Clark less dependant on her, Lois more involved in her role at The DP and some fun moments with her and Clark, Davis, seen the Plastique DC and Sam nailed it for me, havent seen the episode and I already like the Davis character, Tess seems evil enough, will be fun to see how that play´s out with her and Clark and Lois at the DP, finally after the loss of two main character and in an 8th season of a show you managed to come fresh and with intresting plots, keep it up guys.

  61. I Love clark and lois.. enough said!! its just tv guys.. its not supposed to make complete sense.. because its not real.. lets stop fighting about stuff that doesn't really matter. its supposed to be fun.. not a warzone! are you guys for real?

  62. This episode is going to be freaking awesome! I can't wait for the introduction of Bloome. And the Clois...I must say from reading spoilers this season I am very excited. I think I haven't been this excited for a season of SV since they announced Lois coming to the show. I think this episode is going to be brilliant. And I can only thank the writers for finally taking SV in the direction that it needs to be in.

  63. I am very excited to see how the Lois and Clark relationship is played out this season.

  64. All I can say is how thrilled I am with Clark in the Daily Planet, across from Lois! WAH HOO!!!! Loving the Clois!!

  65. After having to endure Seven seasons of Lana Lang, finally Smallville is starting to look more like Superman.

    Somebody must have given the writers an subscription to DC Comics.

  66. Clark and lois are the new thing on smallville and I'm sure it's gonna be played out in a different manner than we've all seen before. We're finally going to see this upclose. It should be interesting since it's canon.

  67. Wow, I haven't seen this many comments on one post in ages. Typical Clois spammers and Chloe-bashers all from DI, obviously. **rolls eyes**

    The show isn't Smallville anymore so I don't like it as much as I use to. Waaayyyy too many lightswitches. Not to mention the ret-cons and that's worst of all. That's just bad/lazy writing.

    Clois was rushed at the end of season 7 with several WTF moments to prepare for the piss-poor remake of LnC from the 90s. And the overall story has suffered for that. And had even bigger WTF moments in "Plastique", which makes it impossible for me to enjoy them. This is a tv show, you can't have all the supposed-to-be important and telling moments happen in offscreenville and just skip to juicy stuff for certain fandoms w/o any REAL explaination aside from "It's meant to be." "It's canon." "It's OMG Iconic!" Like I said the story suffers from these ridulous lightswitches.

    I just wish they could just tell the freakin' story without all the fandom manipulation. Throwing a bone here and there, dropping horribly cheesy anvils here and there. Clois is endgame, jeez! Stop with the drilling and tell the freakin' story of Clark's journey to becoming Superman already. Jeez, the shippers wars are getting ridiculous and lame as hell! My damn head spinning. If this keeps up I don't think I will be able to keep watching because the story has become too incoherent to comprehend. Not that I'll matter anyway, just sayin'. Alright, now I an aspirin, I'm going to bed. Hope SOME people can stay happy with the show's sudden and new direction and poor fandom molding:/

  68. Typical Chloe bashers and spammers from DI? And I supposed you just happened along here by your lonesome to make these false accusations? Peeps, Clois is endgame, should have seen that coming... know what? Get over it! No amount of bashing is going to change it.. don't like it? Don't watch, its as simple as that... but stop trying to drag down people to your level and take others enjoyment out of the show just because you don't like the direction its going in... you're not that high and mighty.

  69. False accusations? LOL! Seriously doubt that! A poster much further up already outed DI. And, FYI, I have this site bookmarked for the spoilers, as it is, you know.... a spoiler page. And I'd have to be blind as all hell to miss a post with 60+ spammers.

    Moving on.... Clois is endgame. Yes, of course it is. Heard it a million times already since the premiere. Not to mention all the cheesy anvils falling all over Metropolis. It's Super Iconic! It's meant to be! Can't mess with 70 years of history! Yes, got it! Loud and clear the first 500 times! So what's to get over again?

    And if you were paying any attention, that wasn't a ship bash. More like my opinion on the writers manipulating viewers, flippin' switches and re-writing the past and expecting everyone, except Cloisers, of course, to just smile and swallow it dry. Clois just happened to be the focus of all that lightswitching and ret-conning. So don't take out on me, take it up with the writers.

    This is what's called the vent of an angry viewer. As I'm sure many of your ship are familiar with. Because I've seen it when Clana was being blamed for dragging the show down and I've seen it when Lana became the center focus of Cloisers' bashing. And now, right here on this very page I see it again where Chloe is the one being bashed. So when the show is not pleasing the Cloisers, it's okay for them to bash the show and everyone else but Lois and Clark and "drag people down". (Not that that's what I'm doing) But when someone else disagrees with them about the show and openly vents as well, they're just trying to take away others enjoyment. Can you say, hypocrite?

    I have my reasons to watch the show, and I have my reasons to hit the FF button on some parts. And I'm gonna express my opinion about whatever, whenever I want. Beit negative or positive. A lot of other people on this page sure as hell didn't have a problem expressing their negatives mixed in with their pimping, but they're Cloisers so their bashing is okay. \rolls eyes/

    Not everyone is as pleased as some of you are..... should've seen that coming.... know what? You get over it! People are going to say their piece just as much as I'm positive many Cloisers have since season 5 or so. Don't like it?.... Don't read it, it's as simple as that. So don't think just because you don't like what some have to say, people are just gonna bow down and keep quiet...... you're not that high and mighty.

    Have a nice day:)

  70. I understand that Smallville is the 'story of the making of Superman". Al/Miles has taken many liberties with the Superman mythos, so I don't see why all the negativity. I am a Cloiser, and it broke my heart when Al/Miles had CK sleep with Lana. But, Lois has shown to be a competent reporter and Clark has no experience other than 'The Torch'. (Which if you paid attention during the first seasons, seemed to imply he did simple factual reports. ie. the gym aquiring new mats) So, as to Lois helping CK find his way at the DP, it is totally understandable. And the admission by Lois that it is Clark that makes her see that reporting is more about the truth than headlines, let's us see that it is not a one way arrangement.


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