Smallville episodes now on iTunes and Amazon Unboxed in the US

Source: OSCK

Quick note from SpoilerTV contributor Kate:

The new season of Smallville is now available for the first time on Video on Demand in the US on iTunes and Amazon. Support SpoilerTV by clicking on the Amazon links to the right and ordering up your epis on Amazon! Available in multiple formats and you get up to two kinds of downloads for the same price.

This is brand new- so if you are in the US support your favorite show with LEGAL downloads that count toward the ratings that keep the show alive.

In the US Smallville's season premiere Odyssey will be rebroadcast on Sunday night - Plastique episode 2 will get a similar encore. Check your local listings. Smallville episodes are not streamed on the CW website.


  1. they are streaming on CW< but the quality is crappy.

  2. Great to know! This is new and again- the CW has not promoted it at all- not even with an announcement in their own forums. When you download the episodes at least you get epis to play smoothly.....I hate the CW player it is totally weird- I am in the US and sometimes it tells me it won't play in my country.....

  3. It looks like CW took down their episodes. I just see the option to watch the last one that recently played.

    Why would CW do that? Guess I'll have to download it off a torrent site now. At least no ads now.


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