Don't be Shy or Anonymous!

I saw a post by one of our readers Sally who mentioned that a lot of people still comment under the Anonymous name. Now, I'm sure that you are all not that shy :) By putting your name next to your comments it helps build a community and lets others get to you know you better.

You now have several ways to sign-up/Login in.

1) Create a Free Blogger Account HERE.
2) Create a Free OpenID Account HERE.
3) Use your existing Google Account/Gmail/Orkut HERE.
4) Use your existing LiveJournal or Wordpress accounts.
5) Use your existing Typepad or AIM accounts.
6) If you really don't want to create one of the above free accounts, then you can simply select Name/URL and put your name in manually each time you comment.
7) And if you are really really shy, you can still post anonymously :)

So stop lurking and starting commenting, we don't bite (well not all of us ;) )


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NOTE: Name-calling, personal attacks, spamming, excessive self-promotion, condescending pomposity, general assiness, racism, sexism, any-other-ism, homophobia, acrophobia, and destructive (versus constructive) criticism will get you BANNED from the party.

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