How safe is your show?

Update: 14:00 GMT You can see just how accurate last years index was here.

Thanks to the excellent TV by The Numbers site who have come up with their new Cancellation/Renew index of all the popular US shows. Their index last year was spookily accurate, will this years index be the same? Below is the current index.

What do you think? Where is your show?

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Source: TV by The Numbers


  1. The way I read this is that the index number is based upon what the show is getting numbers wise as a ratio compared to the average number of viewers of all other shows on the network of the same age- as this is the case, SMallville and Supernatural are the only shows on the CW that get people over the age of 30 to watch regularly- but these are not the viewers the network seems to want. All they care about is the 16-34 bracket- so this bit of number crunching is moot. At the end of the day if Smallville is renewed for another season will be determined by if the network thinks they can put up another show that does nearly as well and can they afford to pay Tom Welling enough money to get him to stick around for another season.

  2. The Smallville is the right place.I hope we will see full serie.


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