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Do you have any info on what is coming up for Smallville's Clark/Chloe? — Naomi
Matt: I almost hesitate to toy with this four-letter word again, but here goes: KISS! (Mind you, it's an Episode 8 flashback to a Young Chloe macking on a Young Clark in the farmhouse hayloft.) "I saw them shooting that scene the other day, and it was adorable. Adorable," Allison Mack tells me. "They even have the little girl playing Chloe in, like, an old-school Chloe wig, with my funky haircut. It was very cute." Oh, did I mention I interviewed Allison...?

Are you ever going to have any spoilers about Chloe, or did the Lois fans scare you away from ever mentioning her again? — Donna
Matt: Oh, Donna — my middle name is not so much Webb but "Equal Opportunity." Ergo henceforth therewith my aforementioned two-part Q&A with Ms. Mack, kicking off this Thursday.

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  1. That's really sweet, but this is the episode where Clark takes away some of her memories, isn't. IMO, that is just beyond wrong, and I have a feeling that it's only being done to make Chlimmy and Clois more plausible, more fitting, more whatever. I'm not sure how to phrase it, but it's just feels plain wrong to sacrifice Chloe's character for the sake of other relationships on the show. It's so heartbreaking to watch her re-live all those good memories then take them all away:(

    Chlarkers are getting a real kick in the teeth this season, but I guess the writers/producers have their reasons:( She's not iconic so I guess they can do whatever they want with her including crapping on her and dragging her thru the mud. I can't believe I'm so emotional right now over a damn tv show, I feel like crying. G*d Dammit Smallville:(

    Oh, well, I'll be looking for the AM Q&A:) Hopefully she can let us know if some light is shed at the end of this incredibly dark tunnel:(

    KeKe:( **headdesk**

  2. I think the episode where Chloe is getting a mind wipe is the one before the wedding- in Abyss. The wedding will be in BRIDE

    They are going to review the whole Chloe/Clark relationship and then Jor-El will tinker with her brain to try to reverse what Brainiac did to her.

    Sounds like Bride will have you filling in "of Frankenstein" or some other monster though.....

  3. Hmmm maybe I'm just in a friendly and optimistic mood right now lol, but...

    I highly doubt they are going to wind up removing any memories, and if I'm wrong, well then I very much doubt it'll stay that way at all... But Chlarkers and Clana-ers alike should have known going into a show about Clark Kent, how it ends, so saying they're all shocked now and getting kicked in the teeth, well you should have seen it coming eventually, especially when Lois was introduced in season 4. Now just because Chloe doesn't get Clark in the end, doesn't mean Chloe can't be happy or end up in a happy place in life... do I think that Chimmy has a chance in hell of staying married? Hell no! LOL I'm a Cloiser, but even I can see that Chimmy just won't work out.. they should bring George, I have no idea why they just can't since Apocalypse showed us that they are pretty much destined to be.. just because it was a world without CLark, doesn't mean that he doesn't exist in the world WITH Clark, so...

    Anyway, I'm not sure though, what else they can do with her... shes been the bridge between mythos characters and their destinies for so long, she was Clark's intro into journalism at the Torch, she's Lois Lane's cousin, she was the link that made Clois meet, she was their link to the DP, she was the reason Jimmy Olsen's character is on the show, and she was the reason Jimmy met Clark and Lois, so I don't see Chloe as some small role when she had a hand in connecting all these mythos characters and being somewhat helpful in where they end up in their destinies, how can anyone be upset about that in regards to Chloe Sullivan? The thing they have to do now, is decide what Chloe's destiny will be, and whether or not she will still be part of these mythos characters lives in the future...

  4. ^^ Yeah, I understand what you're saying. I know that Clois is destiny and all that and I would have loved for George to have been introduced. But you know, sometimes once you get invested in a character it's really hard to let go. And for most, not all, but most Chloe fans, Chlark is attached to that investment because of her feelings for him (amongst other things), which I really wish the writers would have wrapped up a long time ago, but they didn't, hence my (and many others) predicament. I knew Chlark wasn't endgame, but I wanted it explored instead of Clana S4 or S5-S7 or more. I may or may not have gotten a satisfactory ending, but nevertheless, I wanted it explored. IDK, it's the character investment thing, I guess. Anyway, that's my own opinion about that, I don't know about the other Chloe fans/Chlarkers.

    Now with that being said, on the topic of the spoiler, I still feel cheated that they are only going to use ONE episode to review (not explore, but review) the ENTIRE Chlark relationship in a blast from the PAST sorta way.

    And then in that same episode, acccording to Ausiello: "Clark, in turn, seeks Jor-El's help in restoring her memories -- well almost all her memories. You see, Clark decides that his BFF might be better off forgetting a thing or two."--------- That is just so wretched! Who is he to tamper with her memories?

    And I don't know if it's his secrets or her love for him that he wants her to forget, but either way, it really is saddening, almost depressing, well for Chlarkers and/or Chloe fans anyway:( They're stripping Chloe of nearly everything she has been these past 7 years inch by inch. I barely even recognize her anymore and now this!? They're really gonna erase some or all of her important memories of Clark!?!?:(

    All of this in ONE frakking' episode!?!? Then in the VERY NEXT episode "Bride", she's getting married to Jimmy, and Clark and Lois are making googly eyes at each other (on her wedding day no less). That is what makes me feel like Chloe's character stripping is at the expense of pushing Chlimmy and Clois forward. And it breaks my heart into a billion tiny little pieces that they would actually do that to her:(

    I'm not as much a Chlarker as I am just a general fan of Chloe so the fact that she doesn't end up with Clark doesn't really bother me as much as what they are doing to her overall. And I don't think I can take much more of this, but I'll try to hold on cause I do want to see how all this eventually pans out, but I have a gut feeling that I'm gonna be highly disappointed:( Serves me right for NOT staying away from spoilers:/ I'm gonna go cry now:(


  5. Young Clark, Young Chloe flashbacks. Sounds interesting. Not exactly my cup of tea, but interesting, yes. Have we had any flashblack episodes like this before? I can't remember?

    Can't wait for Allison's Q&A for more possible spoilers. I want more on Doomsday, if she has it.

  6. I feel for you KeKe, I really do. I love the character of Chloe Sullivan. I hate what's being done to her on the show. She's being stripped off of everything that made her CS. I know characters are expected to grow but this is ridiculous. Writers, please give us our Chloe back. Remember her? The one whose love for journalism was underscored time and time again. I've heard of a theory where Chloe has much of the characteristics that the iconic Lois Lane possesses (chlois theory). I think it's crazy except now I'm starting to realize that Smallville's version of Lois Lane is inculcating all the traditional characteristics of Chloe Sullivan. I think that's the new Chlois theory. Confused and sad about the new spoilers.

  7. I know right. And I've heard of the Chlois theory, but I never really jumped on board with that because I just had a feeling they weren't gonna do that after Lois came in S4. I did see the similarities to ILL and it would've been a unique and awesome take or spin on the mythos, but once Lois came in S4 and they started dropping anvils I knew that was out.

    I just love Chloe for Chloe and I really do miss die hard Reporter!Chloe. I hate that she worked so hard since the pilot for her dream job then they just snatched it away with no real reason why she's not into anymore. That hurts:( I mean, I know they distracted her a bit from it starting in S6 after "Freak", and I wasn't too happy about that either. I just wanted her to achieve what she was reaching for considering that was a major part of story arc from the previous seasons. I miss S1-S5 Chloe, where is she?

    Yes, this season, very saddening and confusing (for some of us, at least).

    But even with all that her new arc is pretty interesting and I like her interactions with Davis Bloome, which, of course, just means more heartbreak towards the end with him becoming Doomsday and all:( Cause I really like him. And they're gonna rip him to shreds per his interview:(

    Oh well, as long as rest of the story is well-told I'm still here.


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