Do Doomsday and Chloe Escape?

Find out what's in store for the Smallville crew direct from in-studio guest Samuel Witwer, plus get 24 dish from the cast and a look into the future of Heroes...

Source: E!Online


  1. I love Sam and his character Davis. If there is another season, I hope he's in it. Didn't learn anything new about that interview, but I hope Davis and Chloe will some how get closer. I love Chlovis :)

  2. I love him! And I love Chloe and Davis together. I hope they do run away together.

  3. I really really hope that the Chimmy marriage does not stick. I can't believe they actually had the audacity to rip away all the awesome characteristics of the old!Chloe most of us adored to give us this pod!Chloe who is now the wife of Jimmy-freaking-Olsen! Ugh! Please gag me now! Is this all she has been reduced to TPTB? At this point, Doomsday please kill Jimmy for being a total douchebag! Please kill Clark for continuing to be the biggest BDA in the universe! Please rescue Chloe from the SV!Verse that consistently uses her for a toilet! Then transform back to your human form, work on exorcising your evil alien form, run away with Chloe, encourage her to get back into journalism and become her old snarky, tenacious, ambitious, career-driven self, marry her, have hot angry!sex and make lots and lots of Chlavis babies!

    *End Rant*


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