Episode 8.10 - Bride - Extended Promo


  1. Okay all I can say is Lois and Clark better kiss. Doomsday better not spoil it when they are an inch apart. And of COURSE Lana has to come and get all up in Clark's grill. Just say no Clark. Lana is like a burrito that looks really good but later it just makes you sick and slightly sweaty. Which in my books is not considered a good thing.

  2. Kiss that middle skank Lois Okay, I will watch just to get the thrill of watching Clark vomit in his mouth

  3. I read somewhere that Lois thinks she is tough because she can take a bullet in the chest without getting hurt. Her silicone implants can absorb bullet, no wonder she is more of a man than Clark

  4. Jesus, what a weird post 0_0
    And what's up with the Lana haters?
    She's coming back to be written out for good, you got your wish, now live with it.

  5. Lot of people hate the actress Erica. She is a lousy actress who ruins the iconic Lois. Lois and Clark was a fun series on ABC. Lois in Superman is always fun to watch. People hate Erica because she makes a mockery of Lois. She ruins Smallville for a lot of people and it may not have anything to do with Lana. My understanding is that Michael and Kristin did not want to return. They have bigger fish to fry.

  6. Well... Erica does what the producers/directors tell her to. IMO, she's a fantastic actress and people who are judging her for her body are just... shallow, to be polite.
    You don't even know her, don't know what's going on behind the scenes... so if you don't like her Lois blame it on how it's written.
    None of the cast members, nor the producers comaplined about her as an actress or as a character. In fact, Darren Swimmer himself told fans they (the producers) want to have Erica/Lois on the show in as many episodes as possibile and use her for the best.

    So, Chlark shippers, Clana shippers, Non-Loisers, etc. should really try and see this from an objective POV, IMO. Why bash the actress? It's make believe televsion people! Not real life. Don't like the character? Fine, but don't take it on the actress. She's a real person.

  7. OK, this episode is a good one, but doomsday is going to be in episode 10 the best of season 8.

    I am a little mad though, why dont we see any heat vision or wind mouth blowing abilities from clark, i miss those.

    When is lex going to appear, i cant wait any longer!

  8. All This Talk About People Hating ED. My God How Old Are You. I dislike Lana as A Charictor But Have Absolutly Nothing Against KK. And Would Never Say Anythink So Childishly Rude About Her. How Pathetic.

    anyway, Gr8 Trailer. Can't Wait To See The Episode, Looks Gr8

  9. Anyone bashing Lois or ED has issues with their own self worth.

    She's a great Lois and she's super hot.

    Got a problem with her? Shut your mouth and do some situps. You still won't look as good as she does, but maybe it'll make you feel good enough about yourself that you don't have to bash her on comment boards.


  10. Okay so I'm totally PUMPED for Doomsday....more actually for the kiss...or almost kiss. Even if they don't kiss they will still get to the moment where they both know they want it and things will get good. AHHHH am i the only one who can't get enough of lois and clark? They are just too perfect.

  11. Yeeh!!! LANA finally!!
    Oh and by the way, how can they do that: they build Clana relationship for 7 Seasons, then she´s out of the cast...
    Let´s say there are 8 Seasons and they end it with Clark and damn Lois together - that´s just not fair...
    Why don´t they kill Lois off in the latest Episodes, and Clark comes back to Lana - then everyone is happy!
    Clanafans are satisfied
    Clark and Lois fans can say: Oh of course, they´re just together, because Lois is dead...

  12. I used to be a big Clana fan as well. But she drives me nuts now. Which Lois used to drive me nuts now I love her. And it's funny to me that some people don't like ED and say that she is a bad actress. I think she does an amazing job. I really do. I haven't watched Smallville in about 4 years. Pretty much since I graduated high school. But I've started watching again and from what I have seen ED is now pretty much my favorite. She does such a great job displaying subtle emotions across her face and I don't have a hard time believing that that is what Lois is feeling. I can't say the same for all the others in the show. Some of the emotions look a little to forced. IMO. Anywho. This is long...haha what I really wanted to say is notice how when Clark sees Lana his face looks almost dead...almost hard and devoid of emotion? And then when it shows him looking at Lois you can see a slight smile on his face and a warmth in his eyes...that made me happy. I can't wait till Lana leaves.

  13. Its really funny reading all the rude comments about Erica. Jealous much?lol.
    Clana will never be end game...Chlark will never happen. Get over it people and use all that negative energy to write to the producers. Its not Erica's fault your not gonna get what you want.ahahaha.
    In your face haters.

  14. OMG can't wait to see this epi!!
    I'm a Clois fan now (ex-Chlarker) and to tell you the truth I always liked Lois, she's cool and funny! But I still love Chloe^^
    I'm pretty sure people who made rude comments on Erica Durance only hate her because they know that their ship won't happen and that's just pathetic!
    SV is a TV SHOW some people need to calm down. We all knew since the beginning that Clark would eventually end up with Lois so don't act like you were suprised!

  15. erica is the reason i started watching smallville again, she's an amazing actress and does a great job as lois lane. she's def my fav character on the show.. i really don't think that a lot of people hate her, the small portion of the fanbase that do is only "hating" her because they feel threatened by her and that she's going to ruin their ship.. you can't really hate a person you don't know.

  16. id have to agree with the post above mine...Erica is a main reason alot of people watch Smallville due to the fiery attraction between her and clark which has become more apparent in season 8..i think that all the haters of Erica Durance playing louis seriously need to either watch the films again or just the whole smallville season because she fits the bill down to a T and to be honest shes probably the best looking louis out of all of them...

  17. I don't think Erica is the MAIN reason a lot of people watch Smallville. Smallville had a fanbase before season 4 so I don't get that. Maybe she is for some of the new viewers, but definitely not the majority. So unless all those pre-s4 viewers are gone I would think that Tom Welling and/or the early journey of Superman/Clark Kent is the MAIN reason people tune in since the story is about Clark Kent and Tom Welling has been the actor since the pilot. Personally I like Lois, I like Chloe, I love Kara, and I even like Lana sometimes. Never heard of the actresses who play them before Smallville, but I like them and the characters they play and since I really don't know them (the actresses) I watch for the characters as most should since this is a story afterall. But to each his own opinion.

    As for some other posters I don't understand why people have to bash the actresses, especially on looks, because they all look gorgeous to me. This is just..... I don't know what to call it:( These are just characters and it's a friggin story, on TV and it's not real, what is the deal? I've never seen such a harsh and divided fanbase, but I guess that's appropriate since I'm pretty new to this whole hunting for spoilers and posting reviews and comments thing. Just unexpected:(

    Anyway, back to why I even came here in the first place, love the trailer. Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to the wedding and Doomsday crashing it! I think the Chloe and Davis friendship or whatever it is has been the most intriguing for me this season and I can't wait to see what happens at the wedding. Question: Is Davis really Doomsday or is he some kind of vessel? What was that talk about human carnage with Lois/Faora, what does that mean? Does that mean Davis is just a meatsuit for Doomsday or what? I'm confused. Anyway, looking forward this episode:)

  18. Meat suit...that sounds gross.


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