Episode 8.10 - Bride

By tracking some e-mails that were sent to Tess Mercer, Oliver tells Clark that he has discovered that Lex is still alive.
- Clark tells Oliver that attending Chloe's wedding is a higher priority for himself than finding Lex would be, and that not giving her away on her wedding day is not an option.
- We will actually see Doomsday in this episode.

Source: KS


  1. credit: kryptonsite

  2. i hate kryptonsite they only let us post and discuss what they want.

    i like spoilertv as they let anyone post and post all the spoilers.

  3. yep ksite sucks. they delete posts and banned users for postings other sites spoilers.

  4. I left KSite a while ago. I think KS is just so scared about losing traffic and I checked their stats


    LOL they have lost 50% of their visitors. Serves them right.

    Thanks spoiler tv for posting the spoilers


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