Episode 8.15 - Infamous

Episode 8.15 will be called infamous

Source: CW


  1. anyone have any idea what this title relates to?

  2. probably linda lakes return..and LOIS IS BACK! yay :D

  3. yeaaaah Lois is back!

  4. Yes, Lois is back! and I hope there'll be a Linda Lake vs Lois in this episode, it'll kind of prove that Lois has real feelings for Clark and despite what happened in Bride, I hope there'll be explanations between Lois and Clark.

  5. who is linda lake? Do you mean Lana Lang

  6. Linda Lake was a reporter for the planet who had the meteor power to turn into water. She is played by Tori Spelling. I believe she appeared in an episode titled "Hydro." Either last season or season 6, I don't remember.


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