Erica Durance in Lana's Return

This week on the CW's Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), Lana Lang (played by Kristen Kreuk) walks back into Clark's life, and at a most inopportune time — at least as far as Lois is concerned. "[Lois and Clark] are both discovering how and what they feel," Erica Durance previews in this video. "There is a moment when you think that they may actually admit that to each other... and then Lana comes back."

Ms. Lang, of course, is not some everyday high-school flame to be casually dismissed. As Durance notes, "The writers did a lovely job of creating this amazing first love relationship for Clark... and you can't take that away. What I worked really hard with the writers to portray is that Lois is sensitive to that."

So even though "Lois is a fighter... she realizes that sometimes you need to be patient," Durance says. The actress then adds, "We all know [Clark and Lois] end up together, but the joy is watching the journey. The more selfless Lois is with her love for Clark, the more she'll deserve him."

Source: TV Guide


  1. That was awesome! The music was an interesting choice...But it was still AWESOME!

  2. I really love ED, no joke! I cant wait for Bride it looks like such an amazing episode, but the Mid season break is going to kill me :(

  3. I completely agree with her! She's so smart and sexy ;)

  4. Lois sucks - and will never be able to be better than Lana. Lois will always be second choice *haha*


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