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Question: At the end of "Bride" episode of Smallville we see someone I'm presuming is Lex. Will Michael Rosenbaum be making his return to Smallville anytime soon? -- Gilles
Ausiello: Okay, I have to choose my words carefully here: There is no deal…currently in place…for Michael Rosenbaum to… Smallville.

Source: EW


  1. Hm, is he trying to be cute, or is he hinting that Michael is going to be back?

  2. the guy we saw at the end, had a very oval bald head and an extremely tall neck, which isnt like Michael''s, so am guessing, he will be returning (due to the funny comment...) but there is no deal placed "currently"...anyone agrees??

  3. Bring back Michael Rosenbaum. The show isn't the same without him.

  4. Last season there were supposedly several scenes that Michael shot that were not aired- in the comics there is precedence for Lex being taken over by Brainiac so what we may be seeing is not Lex at all but something else- something sinister another version of Brainiac in what used to be Lex. They can then have another actor play him too as it won't really be Lex.

  5. Yeah is fairly easy just to get another actor with a bald head and to make out its lex. If it was the real actor - we would of seen his face -- simple.

    but they dont wanna kill him off just incase he wants to return for a guest star apperance

  6. The chemistry between Lois & Clark in season 8 has brought this series way up.

  7. yes about time we had the lois and clark it been a very long time coming, more more clois.

  8. cant wait till lex comes back no matter who plays him , let see if he can steal lois away from clark as easy as he did with that no brain and very insecure lana.


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