Big Plans for Smallville

Thanks to b3rt4 for the heads up and for OSCK for the transcription below from TV Guide.

Is Tom Welling ready to hang up his Superman tights right before he gets fitted for them? Executive producer249042 Darren Swimmer wants to keep going , now that Smallville is enjoying a ratings rebound, but he reveals there are some issues with “actor availability”. After eight years playing Superboy, Tom 21, may understandably be ready to fly off into grown-up roles. Consider Dean Cain was 27 when he began playing Superman on the ’90s ABC show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Brandon Routh was just 26 when he took flight in 2006’s “Superman Returns”. (Repeated calls to Tom’s reps seeking comment were not returned.)

The CW series has another challenge: It’s starting to feel more and more like Lois & Clark, with Clark now working outside Smallville in Metropolis at the Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Coming to Smallville in early February is the villainous Toyman, a flamboyantly dressed classic DC villain who was played on L&C by Sherman Hensley ( The Jeffersons) and then Grant Shaud ( Murphy Brown). Despite the similarities, Swimmer argues that “there’s not that much of a resemblance” between the two series.

While acknowledging he’s prepared for a series finale, Swimmer insists there are still a few speeding bullets left to fire off in the Superman mythology. “Clark’s now in full control of his powers and basically accepting the face that he’s going to become Superman. The formation of the dual identity is what he’s going to be negotiating form her on out,” he says. “He’ll start to experiment.” Hmmm…bifocals? A golden lasso? New hair mousse? We’ll find out in a string of three episodes beginning in February.

Some assemblage of the Justice League will return toward season’s end. The Legion of Superheroes- three 31st century visitors named Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl- arrive on January 15 when Clark faces off against an atomic ax-wielding baddie from the future called the Persuader. But instead of an ax, the CW might consider sending the Persuader in to meet Tom with a fistful of cash. If negotiations fail for a ninth season, Swimmer suggests a Smallville spin-off starring Phil Morris( John Jones aka Martian Manhunter) who next appears January 22. Cracks the producer; “A Martian Manhunter Variety Hour might be fun!”

Source: TVGuide via OSCK


  1. While I will agree there are some similarities between "Lois and Clark" and Smallville, isn't that to be slightly expected since it's all Superman?

    And I hope they can convince Tom to stay on as Clark.
    If not I hope they do a Martian Manhunter or Justice League spin off

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  3. Wow Id be truly upset if they canceled this show after this season.. ive never missed an episode and i think this season is honestly one of the best, and if they finish it off this season i would think alot of the storylines would feel rushed to finish - I really like the Lois and Clark angle they are using now and i hope it goes on for at least another year..Like no offence to Tom or anything, but i highly doubt he would have as much success doing anything else right now with Smallville doing so well. 99% of his fans know him as clark kent/superman - something that has happened to almost every actor ever playing this role, they should be aware of this before they even sign their name.. its a good chance they're gonna be type-cast as superman/clark - Supe fans fall in love with this character, its like James bond for petes sake! - Long live Smallville

  4. Tom, 21? That should be 31 right? Because i doubt that he was...13 when smallville started shooting 8 years ago:D

  5. Clark was in love with Lois.
    Lois was never in love with Clark! She was in love with Superman.
    The whole sexual tension of the canon was the eternal triangle, only with two points of the triangle being the same person.

    If this turns into Lois & Clark, I'm outta here


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